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    Re: NCAA Football 2007 Season

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "PurpleGator" wrote:
    Ultra comeon, you know me better than that.....

    Oh yeah I voted for the Gators baby.

    I can't hope that the Gophers do well?

    Ofcourse I can.... There are over 100 college teams.
    You can only hope one does well.
    Thats some nonsense....

    The answer to your question....

    Who would I cheer for if they played against eachother.

    The Gators or the Gophers....

    All I will say is GATOR CHOMP! GATOR CHOMP!

    This is my home.....


    I just figured you did not because after you made this thread there were 3 votes, USC, LSU, and other.
    I just figured that since you made the thread that you had voted first; and Florida was not selected for a long time.

    I voted USC.
    I do not wear scarlet and grey glasses.
    I waited to vote.

    Didn't want people to think I made it just for Florida.

    Trying to give others a chance.

    Didn't want peeps to think its only a pro-gator thread.

    They might not be interested in that.

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    Re: NCAA Football 2007 Season

    Its going to be BOISE STATE for sure!!! They will get there and win...mark my words.

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