"ultravikingfan" wrote:
"PurpleGator" wrote:
"skum" wrote:
Who is better then?, who plays better right now.. you tell me..
It doesn't matter whose hot right now.
What matters is how you played the entire season.
Georgia has 2 losses and they finally put things together.
I understand the SEC is very strong this year and its almost immpossible to avoid 2 losses but until we have a playoff system, we have to settle will BS from the BCS.

Next year in the SEC I think Florida and Georgia will be the 2 toughest teams.
: Just like they were this year.
I don't think I ever said we were going to repeat this year.
Next year we will have most of the team back.
Florida is a real young team this year.

Now they have some games under there belt, we will only be better next year.