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    Re: Minnesota Gopher Basketball

    "aceclown" wrote:
    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    "aceclown" wrote:
    Are you talking about the game against Southwest Minnesota State?
    They're a division 2 team with a student body of less than 4,000.
    Duuuuuh! Read my post! I mentioned they were a lesser team. But on the other hand so is Gardner Webb.
    I know, but Gardener Webb is actually a much bigger school with a much better athletic program.
    Mike Pavelko (former Eden Prairie star) turned down a football scholarship from Minnesota and opted for Gardner Webb instead.
    I'm 100% certain you would never see a player offered a big-10 scholarship attend SMSU over big 10.
    Gardner Webb is far superior to SMSU so let's not get too excited Cojo.

    Also, weren't you all pumped about that DE (Whilite or something like that) who wasn't even ranked in the top 75 DE prospects by
    Was that the kid from Kentucky that signed to play football?

    Anyway, the Gophers won their opener today against Army.
    Actually I like where Tubby is taking them. I love their style of defense. I think they may have a .500 season this year which is certainly a BIG improvement.
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    Re: Minnesota Gopher Basketball

    They might do well this year.

    I hope they do well.

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