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Thread: Matt Grothe

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    Re: Matt Grothe

    Kind of a moot point about this guy, unless Childress isn't HC of the Vikes anymore when this guy comes eligible.
    All this talk about him having a low release, and IIRC, that's why he (BC) wasn't too fond of picking up David Carr.

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    Re: Matt Grothe

    "Purplexing" wrote:
    In other words, my intent is to disprove the agent hype, and point out the fickleness of fans.

    Thank you for proving my point.

    Thank you for proving my point that you are irrational and reckless with your comments.
    My loyalty and the consistency of my opinion is not at question.
    Your claim has no strength since I never claimed that I am heralding this player as the next superstar and have never had a history of doing so with any other player except with slight sarcasm and/or hope.
    My most recent examples are Bobby Wade, whom does not have a highlight reel and have based my judgments on the remarks and description of the organization.
    Eric Moulds, I have made the open and fair argument based on this players long history, the fact that I believe their is enough open spots on the team for him to come and contribute something this team lacks at WR without being detrimental.
    Moulds does not have any outside hype.

    happen to be able to enjoy this and others players highlight reels for what they are.
    A showcase of their most amazing skills and plays.

    I will probably never care about this player again unless he is some day a prospect to be drafted by my team.
    Yet, at the same time I am completely capable of rationally enjoying this players performance, no strings attached.
    A great majority of people here are also capable of this.

    Your argument regarding hype is a valid argument which you already started a thread for and died.
    Unfortunately you felt the need to bring it to another one and is pointless to the purpose of the thread especially when there has not yet been a post commenting on this player before you made your comments.

    I'm sick of the consistent negativity towards people, their decisions, and opinions, I come here to have a good time and learn.
    The overzealousness got old.

    All the kids my age pee their pants, it's the coolest.

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