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Thread: Josh Freeman

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    Josh Freeman

    Looking at this years QB crop is kind of discouraging.
    Stafford seems to be the popular pick for top QB taken but here is my pick right here.

    I wouldn't be suprised at all if he becomes the first QB taken this years draft (maybe too Minny)

    Obviously a lot can change over the course of the season but with a relatively week qb class (Painter turnover proned, Harper off to a slow start, Stafford looks like a (more athletic) Chad Henne with the way he locks onto targets, etc.) this guy is my pick for the top qb in next years draft.


    Here's a video with some highlights as well

    The music is unbarable by the way.

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    Re: Josh Freeman

    Sure is hard to tell without seeing him play on tape but his stats are good, 67% completion means an accurate QB.

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    Re: Josh Freeman

    That just makes you realize how freakin good the Big 12 Qb's are.
    Reesing, McCoy, Bradford, Daniel, Robinson(OK State), Freeman, Harrell...what a freakin list.

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    Re: Josh Freeman

    I like em!

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    Re: Josh Freeman

    The Penn state dude is a stud

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    Re: Josh Freeman

    "V4L" wrote:
    The Penn state dude is a stud
    Clark is his name right? #17?
    I haven't seen Penn State in a game this year just highlights.
    Does he have an NFL skill set because I kind of assumed he was in the Michael Robinson mold.

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