"Prophet" wrote:
Charlie Weis Vows 20-Minute Hunger Strike if Notre Dame Loses Again

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Notre Dame head football coach Charlie Weis took a personal approach to motivating his team today following a 47-21 blowout defeat against Michigan last Saturday, vowing he will eschew all form of solid foods for 20 consecutive minutes if the Fighting Irish lose another game the rest of the season.

“Hunger strikes are powerful tools for change,” said Weis. “Mahatma Gandhi used them to protest English rule in India. St. Patrick, the patron of Ireland, engaged in hunger strikes, too. And now you can add my name to that list. Although, I’d like to make it clear that my hunger strike would be different in that I would still allow for the ingestion of non-solid foods like milkshakes, pudding and bacon grease. I don’t consider those to be real foods.”

Weis informed his team of his plan at practice this morning.

If that story is true that is fricken' hilarious!!

You have to hand it to Notre Dame for that HUGE comeback, even if you hate them! Like someone said earlier they have an easy schedule until they play USC and this is the year for some payback! Now they just need some of the undefeated teams to lose so they can get up to the top!