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    Gopher recruit Whaley Shot in Drive by shooting tml

    Whaley, star running back, shot in leg

    VIRGINIA BEACH -- High school standout Kevin Whaley was wounded in a drive-by shooting as a club was closing, school officials confirmed to 13News Friday.

    It sounds like he will be Ok Thankfully.

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    Re: Gopher recruit Whaley Shot in Drive by shooting

    Hopefully he will be ok

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    Re: Gopher recruit Whaley Shot in Drive by shooting

    Damn, that is right down the road, through the tunnel from me.

    Had another shooting much like that last night here in Newport News as well.

    Still makes me wonder why the "Gangster" "Gang" rep is so well respected by the youth of today.
    What good ever comes out of that lifestyle.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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