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By Chris Fowler
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Updated: November 8, 2007

The final full-pads practice of his life was just a couple of hours away. A couple hours earlier, he had attended a "Global Competitive Strategies" class and a philosophy class called "The Self." Also on this semester's docket: "Economic Institutions" and another general philosophy class.

Saturday's Amherst-Williams showdown will be the 122nd meeting in the series.

Jeff Egizi obviously is a bright guy, and well-spoken. He went to the kind of New England prep school where everybody wears matching blazers and ties. Unlike many such schools, his was coed, at least.

But don't make the mistake of presuming that Egizi (pronounced E-git-zee) is a pointy-headed elitist who sort of plays football as a hobby, approaching it like a club sport. His identity might not be solely centered around football, like those of many players at schools like Alabama, USC or Penn State. But football is very important to him. He might not go through spring practice, but he works hard in the weight room year-round, just like the guys at those bigger schools. When he thinks of the favorite moments of his life so far, they involve playing football.

That's why, this weekend, Egizi will be nervous, inspired, energized and maybe a little choked up. As a receiver for Division III Williams College, he will play the final football game of his life Saturday. He will put on the pads, pull that purple jersey over his head, look into the eyes of the buddies he has spent the past four years with and run out on the football field one last time. On his campus. Against his school's archrival for the past 122 years, the Amherst Lord Jeffs.
I am a 1990 graduate of Amherst, so this is pretty cool.
I frigging hate those a-holes from Williams, so it is rather annoying that they'd choose a year when The Game is in Williamstown, rather than Amherst.
Williamstown is a shithole.
I'm sure they'll make it look pretty on TV, but it isn't.