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Thread: Eric Bienemy

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    Re: Eric Bienemy

    Yes he was our RB when we won the national championship in 1990. He was also a coach at CU for some time the went to UCLA I believe.

    Having no coordinator experience is a negative in my mind, especially after watching what Brewster has done, but the positives are these:

    1. Known as a great recruiter when he coached in college
    2. He was offered the USC O-coordinator job
    3. He would be able to fire up the players for every play, something that has been severely lacking with Hawkins.
    4. The alums and donors would be ecstatic for the most part.
    5. Hopefully coach Mac would help out in some capacity
    6. Seems like he will be a college head coach sometime in the near future so why not jump on it early so he can coach for his old school.

    I'm slightly torn on who should get the job, but it's not up to me and I would be ok if he does get it.

    Thanks for all the input everyone

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    Re: Eric Bienemy

    midgensa wrote:
    soonerbornNbred wrote:
    I hope he goes to CU hes an idiot just like his boss...12 man NFC championship....As for curing ADs fumbles give credit to AD on that... I do want EB to go back to Colorado where he was a legend in his own mind that way The Sooners get to pound him once a year like we use to and AD will retract a little revenge on the pint size wannabe
    You do know you won't be playing them once a year anymore once they go to the Pac 10
    At the time I wrote that, I had forgotten no more Big 12, and the fact Colorado was heading to a PAC12 or 11 or year will be new for everyone around here

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    Re: Eric Bienemy

    Traveling_Vike wrote:
    You will find very mixed views on EB around here. Some credit him for curing Peterson's fumblitis, while others blame him for not teaching proper blocking and downfield vision.

    I have no opinion one way or the other on his coaching skills, but I will say that I don't think he has enough experience to take on a HC position just yet. He has not even been a coordinator.
    I bet I know one thing about Theenimy......He hasn't taken his headset off this year........ :laugh:
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Eric Bienemy

    Childress Confirms Colorado's Interest In Bieniemy

    Childress says he believes Bieniemy can be an offensive coordinator and eventually a head coach in the NFL. Childress also calls Bieniemy ``an excellent recruiter.'

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