"JDogg926" wrote:
"Del" wrote:
The Gators will get smoked.

Yes they are a very good, very talented team, but they do not match up very well with Ohio State.

That said, what's done is done, I'm actually kind of glad Florida got in.
Just to shut whiny Urban Meyer up about how they had such a tough schedule, and to show them what it will be like to run with the real BIG BOYS.

I predict a rather dominant Ohio State victory, 34-17.

I stand by my prediction.
I still believe that was all a bad dream.

It feels good to call me out on my BS, doesn't it?

Congrats to Florida, to Urban Meyer, to Buckeye haters, and to Gator fans.
They smoked us.
Not really. I call people out on their bullshit everyday and I get called on mine. It just passes the time.