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    Butkus wants award back

    [size=12pt]Butkus wants award back[/size]
    Hall of Famer files suit against club that honors LBs
    Posted: Thursday April 19, 2007 9:37PM; Updated: Thursday April 19, 2007 9:37PM

    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus is suing a Florida club that hands out an award bearing his name.

    A lawsuit filed earlier this week in Los Angeles federal court demands the Downtown Athletic Club of Orlando turn over control of the Butkus Award, which has been given to the top college linebacker since 1985, to its namesake.

    Shelley Ferguson, the club's executive director, said Thursday that the club had not been served with the lawsuit and she could not comment on it.

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    Re: Butkus wants award back

    They need a new name for the award anyways. It sounds too much like Butt Kiss.

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    Re: Butkus wants award back

    Butkus needs to shut up and go fishing or hunting and keep his nose out of it.

    If he agreed to let them use his name but now has a problem with it to frickin bad.
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    Re: Butkus wants award back

    It's simply a ploy to get paid for use of his name.

    I wonder if it really deserves to be named after him?
    There are several other LBs who might be more deserving; Lambert, Nietzche, etc.
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    Re: Butkus wants award back

    He did make a verbal agreement, so screw him.
    I understand his frustration with them not using the money for charitable donations.
    Butkus was fun to watch, he should have used his noggin' before giving them verbal permission to use his name though.
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