What was this idiot thinking???
Down 24-13 with just over 5 min. left in the game, on 4th and goal from the six, this imposter of a football coach actually goes for the TD.
The pass was easily knocked down by a LB, with 2 other defenders blanketing the rec.
They have a reliable FG kicker.

On the ensuing series, the Fl. Atlantic "O" was pinned deep, and was forced into a quick 3 and out.

On the ensuing kick-off, a stupid penalty gave C. Mich. the ball inside Fl. At. 35 yd. line.
C. Mich. wasted no time in scoring a TD with 3:09 left on the clock.
Of course down 24-19, they went for two and were successfull to make it 24-21.
If this moron had kicked the FG previously, the game would be tied.

Now, with 3:09 left and TWO time-outs, HE TRIES AN ON SIDES KICK!!!!
His "D" had just came up big for a quick 3 and out!!!
Of course the kick failed, and the rest is history.
To me, that is just unbelievable!!!

No, I do not bet big money on anything, but I am in a Bowl pool, and this was the first game on it...and yes, I am pissed he is that stupid!!!