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    Re: BCS standings out, Michigan still #2...for now!

    Alot depends on how USC does this week and next week. I am just glad that no coach is trying to influence who plays Ohio St for the title. I think that after this week you will start to hear some coaches crying about why this team is there and we are here. I think Pete Carroll has the best response about the BCS. Last week, after they(USC) beat Cal, they asked him about the BCS and a possible match up between USC and Ohio St. Pete was like look "we can't worry about the computers and other things that go on behind doors, we have to worry about what goes or happens on the field. We control that. We are not worried about who BCS and the polls. We play the games and then go from there". That was sooooo Pete. If people want Michigan ahead of USC, fine. They are not worried (Must be the California mind set....Don't worry)
    about Michigan being ahead of them, they have to focus on the Irish.

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    Re: BCS standings out, Michigan still #2...for now!

    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    USC makes it into the national championship, i'll puke.

    heres the "scary schedual" USC has completed


    Won 50-14


    Won 28-10


    Won 20-3

    @Washington St.

    Won 28-22


    Won 26-20

    Arizona St.

    Won 28-21

    @Oregon St.

    Lost 31-33


    Won 42-0




    Won 23-9

    9-1 with a loss to unranked Oregon ST.

    Now look at the Gators schedual

    Southern Miss

    Won 34-7
    Central Florida

    Won 42-0

    @ Tennessee

    Won 21-20


    Won 26-7


    Won 28-13


    Won 23-10


    Lost 17-27


    Won 21-14


    Won 25-19

    South Carolina

    Won 17-16
    Western Carolina

    Won 62-0

    10-1 with a loss to number 12 Aurburn.

    **I've highlighted teams I feel this year where worthy oppents for both teams**

    Take a look at who the Gators have beat to go 10-1 and take a look at who USC has beat to be 9-1.So why arnt the Gators number 2 or 3? Well the friggin computers are a start too it.A computer can only messure points,stats, and cant tell you how good a team on the field truly is.If anyone should be number 3 it should be the Gators.

    They've both beat 3 teams that are currently ranked in the top 25.

    So what do you have to look at? The loss to UNRANKED Oregon ST.The Gators only loss of the season came at the hands of the number 12 RANKED school in the nation.

    Excuse me while I go take a crap on USC.

    Yes, let's take a closer look at some of those POWERHOUSE teams the Gators played...

    Like..Southern Mississippi

    Or...Central Florida..

    And how can we forget the monster team that is ....WESTERN CAROLINA !!!!!!

    If Florida dosen't make the BCS title game look no further than that B!TCH A$S weak non-conf. schedule as the reason..

    I laugh at SEC fans that think they're the best. Don't confuse packed staiums and unparrelled fan enthusiasm as the best. Let's look at the Gators opponent in the SEC title game Arkansas, who did they lose to ???

    Oh now I remember, they got their CRAP
    pushed in in front of a national television audience in their own stadium to......USC !

    I ll be dead and cold before I m green and gold

    Thanks to PPE for sig

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    Re: BCS standings out, Michigan still #2...for now!

    It will be USC if they win out.
    Notre Dame does not have a chance to beat USC.
    Or maybe Florida if USC falls.

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