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I am here to eat some crow. Hawaii sucks and should have never been considered in the National Championship!
Not only does Hawaii suck but so did Brennan. Who was it here that wanted the Vikings to draft him?
uh hawaii doesnt suck we just got outplayed and played a hot georgia team. like i said o-line is to blame with all those shots he was taking back there and no blocking whatsoever. we are a lot better team than what showed last night even if we did play a weak schedule. but cant blame that no one wants to play hawaii anymore.

michigan state backed out this year, michigan turned us down to play at michigan, texas backed out a few years ago, even purdue didnt want a part with us even though they actually manned up and played us last year. the list goes on and will go on as long as june is the coach here and we have a potent offense.
That's because those teams did not want a weaker schedule.
why dont you tell your ad to schedule us and will see if ohio state is man enough to play us cuz im more than confident that we can beat osu. the little ten aint got nothing on the sec esp since we beat a number of little ten teams already.

Whose we?
Last time I checked, Hawaii was in the WAC.
Oh....I see.
You are jumping on the SEC bandwagon now.

And who did the SEC beat in the Big 10 in Bowl games?
TN beat Wisc and Mich beat Florida?

So I am not really sure what you are referring to.
Just face it, Hawaii is descent but they simply cannot compete vs big schools (as if the GA game was not a clear indication).

LOL...beat OSU.


we bein hawaii. yep were in the wac and if were were in a bcs conference i guarantee you we would have a higher recruiting budget than the lame 50,000 dollar a year budget we have which means better recruiting. all these non bcs teams get the leftovers, the two and three star recruits, so
of course we are going to get outmatched by a lot of the elite teams which come from the sec. a lot of them are four and five star recruits, best talent comes from there too that
why i give them mad propz.

get this 11 of the 12 teams from the sec made a bowl game with the lone team being vanderbilt if im not mistaken being the only team to not make a bowl game. the sec is the best conference hand down, and no im not jumping on their bandwagon, just stating facts and givin them props.

seriously and i dont hate osu other than the fact that they made me lose money against florida last year > i think you can add osu to that list in a rout by lsu. if the sec faced the big ten head to head, i think the sec would dominate big time. florida not good this year lost to michigan cuz they had no d. but last year they really showed how dominant they usually are against the likes of the best big ten team.

oh and believe me we can compete with the best but if we had an o-line that could block, the game would have been a lot closer. 6 turnovers off of pressure is hard to overcome. over the past few years we beat michigan state, arizona state, alabama, purdue, northwestern, washington, and some other schools. we just got beat by an elite sec team that could have been playing in the title game.

do you honestly think osu could beat georiga? i think georgia would win while controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

While I will agree that the sec is a bit better.
I'm not sure its as far as people believe.
SEC teams think they are god's gift, but game for game its pretty close to even across the board.

ya they arent gods gift but when you compare their offensive and defensive lines speed, how big they are, overall team talent and speed, and that a lot of good players come from the south, its a lot different than the pool of talent from the rest of the country.

theyll lose games and go to lesser schools but the players from the south are somethin else. thats all.