"ultravikingfan" wrote:
"Schutz" wrote:
I like checking in but not posting much anymore.
Most of it is just rehashed arguments that have been used over and over.
You can usually pick just about any issue and there is already a preset group of people on either side.
I love this site but it can be obnoxious to try to get into an argument sometimes, either new members get ignored or rejected off hand.

There is still some good discussions out there but I've found that I'm becoming more interested talking and debating about non football related things rather than if T-Jack is going to start or not.
Well that and making fun of Marr in a drive by fashion as he put it.

+1...most of this is rehashed pooh.
People are bored and they are gonna argue.
Look at the TJ topic, there really is not much else to post about.
That's just called the offseason. The TJ topic is just proof that we have nothing else to talk about, because nothing else has happened.

Call me an asshole, but I have no interest in the non-football related topics. I come here to talk football with fellow fans. That is probably one of the only things we have in common. If I were to talk to you guys about personal life, I might as well gather up a bunch of random 3 year olds and tell them my life story.