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    For Vikings Fans in the Raleigh-Durham Area or within traveling distance

    For Vikings Fans in or near the Raleigh-Durham Areas.
    This coming weekend. .

    Don’t Miss the Film -- SportsFan -- at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Saturday, April 14th

    66 min.
    Directed by Aaron Lubarsky.
    Produced by Aaron Lubarsky, Rich Korson, Chris McShane.
    Executive Produced by Jon Stewart, Ben Karlin.

    You may have seen them on TV, faces painted wild, absurdly costumed in their team’s colors, brandishing flags like warriors ready to splatter their innards in battle, every pulsating vein in their bodies throbbing with that primal scream: ARRRGHHHHH!!! A scream that if translated into English would fill volumes of writings on Death, Eros, Belonging, Mass Culture, Fascism and the possible fall of every Empire since spectator sport was invented.
    Or, skip the library and be seduced by Sportsfan, a year in the life of a group of hard-core Minnesota Vikings fans.
    Theirs is not a tale of mass hysteria, but of personal tragedies and grand delusions.
    Maybe it’s their Midwest manners - that mix of American innocence and steadfast faith in the impossible - coupled with a dark and sweet Beckett-like sense of humor that gives this entertaining film its veneer of surrealism.
    It might be just enough to forever change your idea of what a fanatic can be.
    (Screening with. . .

    Man Up
    11 min.
    Directed by Arturo Cabanas.
    Produced by Arturo Cabanas.

    Hard, Fast, Intense, Go.
    A father passionately drives his son to achieve success in wrestling.
    But the match actually stands in for the competition of life itself.
    Dad has a clear future planned out for his son—one that includes a meteoric rise in the armed forces and a primary devotion to nation.
    There’s no room and no time for the son’s personal desires.
    This intense sketch crosscuts hard-core training sequences with individual interviews with father and son—a keen juxtaposition that reveals the poignant chasm between the two men, a young man struggling against his father’s well-intentioned domination.

    Saturday, April 14th, 11:30 pm – 1:10 am
    American Tobacco Campus

    For more info on Full Frame and Tix, see www. fullframefest. org

    You might also want to check out the rest of the festival.
    Great stuff! There are 110 separate events including films, panels, and workshops.
    Participants include Michael Moore and Larry Flynt.

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    Re: For Vikings Fans in the Raleigh-Durham Area or within traveling distance

    Michael Moore?

    That's not a selling point.

    Hey, I think these guys contacted me to put me in the film and never followed up...and then they advertise here?

    Hell no.


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