CONCORD, N.H. - A former court security officer has been convicted of offering to pay a couple behind on a fine $20 an hour to have sex while he watched. The couple testified that they were skeptical when Robert Theriault told them they would be testing sheets and condoms as part of an insurance company survey to see if they increased sperm count.

But they said they ultimately trusted Theriault, who resigned as a Franklin District Court security officer in December 2005 after being accused of the crime, because he worked for the court.

The couple said they agreed to Theriault's offer because they needed money to pay a $500 speeding fine.

"At first I thought it was a joke," the man testified. "But every time I asked a question about it, he was right there with a response. So I began to think he was telling the truth."

The couple reported Theriault in 2006 after they read news accounts about another man who had accused the former court officer of a similar offer.

Theriault, 49, who was convicted Tuesday, took the stand in his own defense and said he only offered the couple, whom he met in court, jobs in a restaurant. Theriault faces a maximum of two years in jail and a $4,000 fine when he is sentenced.

New Hampshire's prostitution laws prohibit people from offering to pay for sex whether it involves themselves or other people.