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Thread: Taking a dump.

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    Re: Taking a dump.

    I am here to tell you I ve just made a TRIPLE PERFECT a minutes ago,I am still nervous.

    For those who dont know a TRIPLE PERFECT consists on

    1.The turd enters clean and clear into the water ,no shitty rests outside.


    I gotta say the diameter of the WC was standard,4 inches +-,like the pic above.

    2.After the "cleaning" toilet paper was unpoluted,pure crystal.

    Queen Elizabeth of England could blow nose with it,noticing nothing.

    3.No smell,Nothing zero.Just pure fresh air.

    What a rush,my gosh!!!! after dumping and realize of it I felt like a NINJA or something.
    El underdog.

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    Wow! Great thread. I play games on my phone or look at twitter ( I know sounds unmanly, sue me)

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    The Starbucks I was in had only those stupid single toilet bathrooms, one for guys, one for girls. You know, the toilet, sink, towel, but no stalls or anything.

    Well, someone was really working hard on their masterpiece in the mens room, and after a couple minutes of waiting, the womans room opened up.

    I figure, what the hell. Go in there, seat down, begin carnage.. Let me tell you, McDonalds breakfast and 3 large coffees doesn't stay in there long. I considered giving myself a courtesy flush, but instead let it ran my course.

    After wipping, flushing and washing, I figured all was done, well open the door, and there's this girl, probably about an 8/10, long blonde hair, pretty face, bangin body.

    Well, that ladies and Gentlemen, is the story of how I didn't get laid today.

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    El underdog.

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    My normal morning ritual consists of brewing the coffee and ensuring reading materials and reading glasses are at the ready. I always read a book or mag and have my coffee when I'm in the can. I even designed and built my own custom magazine rack that holds various periodicals and a top shelf for my coffee cup. After a hot cup of coffee and some relaxing reading, I'm ready to begin my day. Biggest annoyance- post shower dump. Arrrrgh!

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