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    Sniper - great shot

    Sniper shoots gun from criminal's hand:

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    Re: Sniper - great shot

    That's impressive.

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    Re: Sniper - great shot

    very impressive! he must be a skilled sniper!

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    Re: Sniper - great shot

    Obviously, a descendant of Barnaby Jones.
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    Re: Sniper - great shot

    There is another one of a police sniper shooting a handgun off the hood of a parked car while the suspect stands next to it....Ill see if its on utube

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    Re: Sniper - great shot

    I would think that was an easy shot for a sniper.
    He probably was relatively close (usually they have distance) so it was an easy shot.

    A guy I work with was a Marine Sniper, I will ask him.

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