"6-KINGS" wrote:
"ultravikingfan" wrote:
Look, if you are "SharperImage" and you think you are banned...you are not.

That SageVike account that you made (even though it clearly states in the forum rules that members are allowed 1 account) is banned along with the IP associated with it.
So, that is the reason why you think SharperImage is banned.
But, that account is not...just the same IP that account posts from the SageVike was registered to.
Heck, that was awhile ago too.
You must have been posting from a different IP yesterday.

Anyways, the IP ban on the SageVike account has been lifted.
So, SharperImage is free to post from any IP.

End of story.
And Ultra did speak.
And upon that time and day the curse did break.
And looking upon them Ultra did speak and say
"Thou hath sinned and thou has asked forgiveness, and today it shall be granted"
"Go forth and post in multiples, bringing light to all that thy speak of"
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If that were my pee-wee football coach, I would shit my britches in fear.