"i_bleed_purple" wrote:
You do realize Jim McMahon had more seasons playing for other teams than he did as a bear right?

in order of years played:

bears: 7
Eagles: 3
Packers: 2
Browns: 1
Cards: 1
Chargers: 1
Vikings: 1

and he only ever played one full season as a bear and never threw for more than 2400 yards and 15 td's.
In 15 seasons, he only racked up 18000 yards.

In fact, there was a 4 year stretch between when he was a bear and when he was a viking.
Wow, I wasn't aware of any of that.

;D, of course I am aware of his treck around the league.
Still doesn't alleviate that he was once a Bear and a overall Jerk.