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    Listen to mee!!!! or we will all die in 120(ish) days (probably)

    ask VikingsTw for details.

    to be read from the bottom up.

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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    Caine: Put together your timeline - Flu in 120 days...whenh is Canadfa being invaded?
    BloodyHorns82: Quick - somebody set a reminder in Outlook.
    VikingsTw: What if it's 125 days?
    i_bleed_purple: i'm sure....
    BloodyHorns82: Finally admit they are false eh?
    VikingsTw: I wouldn't say this if it wasn't going to happen
    i_bleed_purple: i'll be sure to check back in 120 days
    Caine: I'm saving this CHAT text for posterity
    VikingsTw: Sure, I'll be here to accept my false views
    i_bleed_purple: i mean if you were wrong
    Caine: You won't be - and I'm already laughing
    BloodyHorns82: lol Caine - nice catch
    VikingsTw: that doesn't make any sense
    VikingsTw: why would you laugh at me if i was right
    marstc09: Your all wrong. I am the only right one.
    Freakout: hell we should just start living it up, break all the laws, they can only put us in jail for 120 day
    anonymous: s
    Caine: Bloody Horns - your "I know I do" comment fell at teh WORST possible time
    i_bleed_purple: you're wrong*?
    BloodyHorns82: Or the Killer Pepperoni Nipples?
    i_bleed_purple: say VTW, if your'e going to laugh at us when you're right, can we laugh at you if we're wrong?
    VikingsTw: Not dying in 120 days
    BloodyHorns82: The aliens?
    VikingsTw: even if they are idiots
    NodakPaul: Hell, I have a soft alunch of a BIG ass project tomorrow
    marstc09: What is work?
    VikingsTw: there just as human as us
    Garland Greene: Why we are all dying in 120 days
    VikingsTw: No killng packer fans
    NodakPaul: I do. But this beer is too good
    i_bleed_purple: yup
    BloodyHorns82: I know I do, lol.
    marstc09: If you have to, kill a Packer fan. They like dick.
    BloodyHorns82: Don't any of you have work to be doing?
    Freakout: yup
    BloodyHorns82: We're all pathetic
    Caine: wow...taht isn't censored?
    VikingsTw: I don't want to kill anyone unless I had too
    Caine: PAcker Fan
    i_bleed_purple: ****
    NodakPaul: ****
    Caine: Paker Fan
    i_bleed_purple: big floppy labia majora
    BloodyHorns82: cocksucker
    marstc09: ouch
    marstc09: dickhead
    i_bleed_purple: GG was awesome in billy madison
    NodakPaul: I think we all are
    Caine: Hope I'm on it
    i_bleed_purple: hahahaha
    Freakout: hah found one
    NodakPaul: I'm worried that TW has a list of people to kill like GG in Billy Madison
    VikingsTw: case they would loose all money
    Freakout: **** knuckle
    marstc09: sex
    VikingsTw: The parmacutical compaines would never let natuaral remedies to populace
    i_bleed_purple: big gay al
    Garland Greene: damn not sensored
    i_bleed_purple: i'm worried about VTW's predictions, I want to live untill i have to die in 2012
    Garland Greene: Packers
    VikingsTw: Crazy... not hardly, see the thing is that information you get, its a joke
    marstc09: I ran out of swear words
    NodakPaul: pepperoni nipples? lmao
    marstc09: ****
    V: I will treat you on the boardsa accordingly
    Caine: Yeah it was.
    i_bleed_purple: fah-nooter
    NodakPaul: great movie BTW Caine
    Garland Greene: No there was a movie about it
    V: Thank Tw. I now realize you are crazy
    BloodyHorns82: peperoni nipples
    marstc09: ****
    i_bleed_purple: ****
    i_bleed_purple: boobs
    marstc09: tits
    NodakPaul: lol Caine
    marstc09: nipples
    i_bleed_purple: *****
    Caine: Soylernt green is PEOPLE damn you!! It's PEOPLE!!!!
    VikingsTw: They don't put that stuff in movies, are you nuts
    marstc09: vagina
    BloodyHorns82: wrinkley old man sack
    i_bleed_purple: nutsack
    BloodyHorns82: wrikle
    VikingsTw: No
    Garland Greene: Yeah I watched that movie with Sean Connery right?
    BloodyHorns82: ass
    i_bleed_purple: penis
    i_bleed_purple: balls
    marstc09: ass
    marstc09: *****
    NodakPaul: lol at all of us for trying the same word
    marstc09: *****
    i_bleed_purple: yep
    VikingsTw: Did you know that we could cure cancer easily with natuarl remedy?
    NodakPaul: *****
    BloodyHorns82: *****
    i_bleed_purple: dickhole
    Garland Greene: Its a conspiracy by Vince Lomabrdi that we should hate each other
    NodakPaul: nah, it has been brought uyp before

    Caine: US wants NOTHING to do with Mwexico
    BloodyHorns82: All bow to the almighty CAN $
    VikingsTw: No bleed
    i_bleed_purple: neither coutnries economy is stable enough to support each otehrs
    Freakout: someone is a member of the 700 club
    Caine: If your wrong, I own your life
    i_bleed_purple: do you think Canada would want to use the USD?
    Caine: AGREED
    NodakPaul: NOOOO, it's happening already BH!
    Caine: Oh the malarky gets better all the time
    VikingsTw: I bet my life on it
    i_bleed_purple: they want to do alot of things, doesn't mean it will happen
    BloodyHorns82: economic meltdowns have occured since inceptino of time
    BloodyHorns82: Flu virus has been worldwide for a long time
    NodakPaul: god i love my job
    VikingsTw: they also want to combine Mexico, USA, and Canda as one with a single currency
    NodakPaul: me too mars
    Caine: Care to bet on it?
    VikingsTw: Flu Virus worldwide, economic meltdown, the crash of dollar value, and police state america
    i_bleed_purple: nice
    marstc09: This is bull****, I am getting a beer, at work
    V: Can we please make another thread about this?
    BloodyHorns82: You mean "maybe he's ON something"
    Caine: Genius, our "REAL" problems started a LONG time ago
    i_bleed_purple: spreading their sheep ****ing diseases
    i_bleed_purple: maybe he's on to something
    i_bleed_purple: unless... in 120 days, all angry packers fans will rule the world..
    marstc09: What problems?
    BloodyHorns82: Life is demanding, without understanding...I aw the truth
    Freakout: vtw found a piece of paper a 4th grader wrote 50 years ago with random numbers on it
    Garland Greene: Unless bunker is code for Moms basement
    marstc09: nice!
    VikingsTw: In 120 days the beggining of real problems in america
    BloodyHorns82: "I saw the truth, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the truth" by Vikigns TW
    i_bleed_purple: Favre will be starting under center in 120 days
    BloodyHorns82: Sang to ace of base "I saw the sign!"
    i_bleed_purple: holy **** paul!! we need to prepare!
    marstc09: DAMN IT, WHAT will happen in 120 days?
    NodakPaul: I know the truth!
    BloodyHorns82: That explains a lot TW
    VikingsTw: I never said it might not happen, it will happen
    NodakPaul: I predict that someday somethign bad will happen to a lot of people...
    Caine: Yep - we call them "Whackos"
    Garland Greene: and you are ne of them
    BloodyHorns82: Only to the sane and logical Caine...
    i_bleed_purple: the movie that is, it has potential to bomb
    VikingsTw: I know people that have bunkers, stored with food and water
    V: Some Tom Clancy book
    Caine: Hmmmm..."Might not happen" sounds a lot like backpedaling
    marstc09: What will happen in 120 days?
    i_bleed_purple: I'm more worried about 2012 then his bs
    BloodyHorns82: Because you're prepared right? lol
    Garland Greene: In his conrete bunker
    VikingsTw: Easily
    VikingsTw: no backpedling
    BloodyHorns82: How do you sleep at night TW?
    Caine: yes yes
    Garland Greene: what was the book about armeggeddon at the Super bowl that the Vikes were in?
    VikingsTw: No no
    Caine: Now you're backpeddaling?
    VikingsTw: I don't how bad it will get this year
    marstc09: What will happen in 120 days?
    Caine: WHAT?!?!?!?
    NodakPaul: Promise?
    VikingsTw: I thought about that last night
    BloodyHorns82: We'll all be dead, so will PP.O
    NodakPaul: does that mean you are leaving until then?
    Caine: Don't hurry on our account
    VikingsTw: It might not happen
    VikingsTw: I'll be back to see the reaction
    i_bleed_purple: reality will happen in 120 days
    NodakPaul: 120 days. Damnit, that means we wont get to see the Vikes in the superbowl this year
    i_bleed_purple: mark it on your calander
    Freakout: was the x files based off of reality
    Caine: I'll mark my calendar
    Caine: 120 days?
    marstc09: Year 3000 when I am dead
    VikingsTw: maybe later, it's going to begin soon
    Garland Greene: he needs something stronger BH
    VikingsTw: Soon maybe in 120 days
    BloodyHorns82: I just gota bunch from the doc - woot woot.
    marstc09: Hell give me a zanex
    i_bleed_purple: if your saying its already happening, then when will it be reality?
    BloodyHorns82: Soembody give VTW a zanex please
    Caine: Still laugh...
    i_bleed_purple: wait a minute...
    VikingsTw: Will you take the flu shot?
    marstc09: FAVRE
    VikingsTw: Everyone laughs now, what will they do when it's reality?
    i_bleed_purple: you need to take a step back and look at what your saying
    BloodyHorns82: how did they create them 150 years ago before they had labs?
    Caine: You obviously know NOTHING about microbiology
    VikingsTw: You've been duped by the goverment
    Freakout: lmao
    Caine: bull
    VikingsTw: specifically for your kids
    VikingsTw: in a lab
    VikingsTw: The flu virus's are ceated
    i_bleed_purple: it must be good if its CAPITALIZED!
    marstc09: Gold is for 80s rappers

    VikingsTw: I know GOLD AND SILVER for Sure!
    Garland Greene: So raining fire and Brimstone, Catas and dogs living together type of stuff
    VikingsTw: SILVER TOO but yeah diamonds are good
    Caine: And the flu virus mutates very fdast - they have to guess at which strain will be most prevelant each season.
    BloodyHorns82: The last crack pot who told me to buy gold was back around 2004 - oops, should have listene dto him.
    pack93z: [link]
    i_bleed_purple: no, they're the governments way of population control... yup
    NodakPaul: There have been several in the past, and there will be more inthe future
    marstc09: **** Gold, I like Platinum and Diamonds BLING BLING
    VikingsTw: You've never seen one like this
    NodakPaul: Actually TW, pandemics are part of the normal course of nature. They will come and go.
    V: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    VikingsTw: It holds its value
    VikingsTw: I recomend to everyone who has saving... BUY GOLD
    marstc09: lol
    V: Police State?
    V: but anyways, I've already heard it
    VikingsTw: Police state is also coming
    marstc09: lol
    NodakPaul: wait, can you tell us the one about the police state and the forced vaccinatins again?
    marstc09: I thought that was Vs' line
    VikingsTw: What do you think Paul?
    Garland Greene: How many Alien anal probes have you had TW?
    V: My Dad has a PhD and studieis pandemic diseases
    VikingsTw: So there will be no Flu?
    NodakPaul: thank you for proving my point
    VikingsTw: cause when you see it... you'll know wher you heard it first
    NodakPaul: If 9/11 was the only thing he was going on and on about...
    VikingsTw: Then prove I'm wrong about the up coming pendemic flu
    marstc09: Then you can call it dulusional
    marstc09: Prove he is wrong about 911
    BloodyHorns82: I kid, I kid
    VikingsTw: Thanks Bud
    NodakPaul: I would say delusional though
    BloodyHorns82: How they say? "off the rocker"

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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    Not me I take vitamins

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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    NodakPaul: I don't think your evil either
    marstc09: I wouldn't say dulusional either
    Garland Greene: LOL Nodak
    marstc09: I don't think your evil TW,
    BloodyHorns82: You're not evil...but perhaps delusional?
    Caine: Evil isn't the word I'd use...
    NodakPaul: BIgfoot isn't housebroken...
    NodakPaul: dont' be silly GG...
    VikingsTw: You have it all wrong, people make me out to be "evil" when its not true
    Garland Greene: So then I should ask TW if MJ is now living with Elvis, JFK and bigfoot in secret cabin
    VikingsTw: Cause I want people to feel and be healthy
    BloodyHorns82: that organic **** is for the cows
    VikingsTw: Why do think I offered that full body flush
    NodakPaul: VTW - I am quoting lines from a moive
    BloodyHorns82: I like chemicals in my food
    VikingsTw: Oh it is true
    josdin00: With a name like bloody horns, I should've knonw you'd be into canabalism
    VikingsTw: hell the food we get from the store is loaded with chemicals
    marstc09: I understand TW, it definitly could be true
    VikingsTw: I wouldn't eat fast food
    NodakPaul: he puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes ya crave it fortnightly, smartass!
    VikingsTw: simple as that
    BloodyHorns82: Don't knock the Colonel - I ate him for lunch
    VikingsTw: they let it happen, so they could go to war in Iraq
    VikingsTw: Mars they took it down, they new it was coming
    NodakPaul: "Oh, you're gonna buy my chicken! Ohhhhh!"
    VikingsTw: Bilderburg is probably the biggest meeting of the elite
    NodakPaul: The Queen, The Vatican, The Gettys, The Rothschilds, *and* Colonel Sanders before he went tits up. Oh, I hated the Colonel with is wee *beady* eyes, and that smug look on his face.
    marstc09: There are a lot of things that don't make sense about the Tower tragedy
    VikingsTw: 5 people? Thats inaccurate
    NodakPaul: and meet tri-annually at a secret country mansion in Colorado, known as The Meadows.
    NodakPaul: Well, it's a well known fact, Sonny Jim, that there's a secret society of the five wealthiest people in the world, known as The Pentavirate, who run everything in the world, including the newspapers,
    V: Wow, I ignored that thread altogether. I'm sad I missed out
    VikingsTw: Right... but thats what critical thinking is for
    marstc09: People shouldn't be so quick to put down that theory,, it is debatable
    VikingsTw: Hords of believers
    Prophet: just because you associate with the like minded people and convince yourself it's true, it doesn't mean it's true.
    VikingsTw: Just like Satanic Religion
    Prophet: here's a simple lesson in life for you. Whatever you choose to believe you can find hundreds, thousands or more to believe in it.
    VikingsTw: they place the explosives on a slant
    VikingsTw: The explosives were strapped to main metal that ran threw the towers
    NodakPaul: VTW, your complete lack of ability to interact with other humans shined through brillently in that thread
    i_bleed_purple: have you not noticed that nobody but yourself seems to believe you?
    VikingsTw: Wow
    Prophet: and nobody believes that but yourself
    VikingsTw: well lets clear it up
    Prophet: he's trying to spin stuff now, like he says everyone else does. Guess what, it's not that difficult to understand. You led a feeble life, heard a good idea, now you think you are omnipotent
    Caine: No illusion - your post showed INCREDIBLE disrespect
    VikingsTw: Army
    josdin00: VTW, it did come across as tasteless and disrespectful of the soldier, whether you meant it to or not.
    VikingsTw: My brother is a united states military
    marstc09: I do believe that there is pretty good evidence to make a case for explosives under the towers
    VikingsTw: false claims
    VikingsTw: Again the illusion was created that I disrespect solders
    i_bleed_purple: not wedding
    i_bleed_purple: i mean funeral
    i_bleed_purple: like nodak said, its like going to an aethiest's wedding and telling him he's going to hell for not believing in god
    VikingsTw: Anit War? Yes, Anti Soldier? No
    marstc09: That not cool
    Caine: tasteless
    i_bleed_purple: and despite the fact about 6 people told him to piss off with his anti-war/soldier crap, in a thread respecting a dead soldier
    VikingsTw: I respect that too
    VikingsTw: If I broke rules, hey... those are the rules
    V: Face it guys. VikingsTw knows more than you do.
    VikingsTw: Now the political part I can agree with
    VikingsTw: they created the illison that I did not respect the soliders
    josdin00: Well, aside from the fact that the discussion is quasi-pollitical, and we frown on that at PPO....
    VikingsTw: I respect all soliders
    VikingsTw: those that are close to me
    VikingsTw: then gave a great example of several I know who have been in war
    Prophet: so, you read a book that you liked and now it's your reality. Have fun with it.
    VikingsTw: And... I respected all soilders
    Prophet: i'm talking about some other post you had where you went off on how you were enlightened and all of us are sheep...etc. Sound like a real jackass that is pretending to be omnipotent.
    VikingsTw: IT IS TRUE!
    i_bleed_purple: he said it in a thread about respecting a dead soldier
    marstc09: There is evidence that might be true
    VikingsTw: they didn't like it
    VikingsTw: that the war is pointless and only benifits the power elite
    i_bleed_purple: your looney rants won't change a thing
    marstc09: What is wrong with that?
    i_bleed_purple: well, my decision is made, long before I even new about you
    VikingsTw: I told them that the twin towers were harnaced with explosives
    marstc09: How do I make a judgement if I don't know what it was?
    VikingsTw: Vice Versa Prophet
    marstc09: Damn it. What was posted?
    VikingsTw: your job is to read and decide
    Prophet: I have no intention of sharing mine with you because i dont' give a rat's ass what you think about me.
    VikingsTw: Hey Bleed, take it with a grain of salt, I would never want anyone to take my word literal
    i_bleed_purple: if you have ideas of your own, great, but take them elsewhere, because honestly, nobody gives a ****
    Prophet: i read a paragraph or two of yours that was unsolicitated because you posted it.
    Freakout: i think your nuts
    i_bleed_purple: because we don't force our own ideas down others throats, a lesson you could afford to learn
    VikingsTw: thats a problem
    VikingsTw: you slander mine but won't give us your ideas
    VikingsTw: You won't even share
    VikingsTw: and yours?
    Prophet: when your reality is on an island, maybe, just maybe, your reality is twisted.
    NodakPaul: Still Hunnnngryyy
    VikingsTw: of course you rationalize, you dont' have the honesty for it
    VikingsTw: You don't want to hear that
    NodakPaul: Think they know Temple of the Dog
    VikingsTw: Reality
    NodakPaul: Prison of the mind? Sounds like a good band
    Prophet: m
    Prophet: yes, i'
    VikingsTw: Really you have no idea
    VikingsTw: I don't think so
    Prophet: your deep thoughts are not even at the level of Jack Handy
    NodakPaul: lol
    marstc09: Sometimes I pretend I am a slave and Jocelyn beats me
    VikingsTw: Your a real winner
    Prophet: you have a loooooong way to go before you will be considered a rookie philosopher
    VikingsTw: Prophet your maturity is gleaming
    VikingsTw: I'm already used to it, now that i'm conciously aware I can work to get out of the prison of mind
    marstc09: lol paul
    NodakPaul: i knew a girl that was into bondage...
    VikingsTw: we were born into bondage
    Prophet: be probably has only been out of him mom's basement once when he went to a polka festival and uncle perv, from idaho, taught him about the secrets of life
    VikingsTw: We're slaves
    Freakout: question. since marrdo refers to him as LORD dickhead does that make him a believer
    marstc09: I practice Favrenity
    VikingsTw: Or Illumination
    VikingsTw: Those who seek Enlightenment will have to do so on there own
    Prophet: yes, i'm just saying that he comes across like he really believes, and he does, that he has so much to share with all of us blind sheep
    i_bleed_purple: either or, just not here
    VikingsTw: Elighten or inform them of Goverment Corruption?
    Garland Greene: Yeah Mars belongs to teh Church of Favre
    Prophet: why not go there and enlighten them?
    NodakPaul: lol mars
    i_bleed_purple: yay!
    Prophet: there are thousands of board out there that do that all day long and the members are doing that by choice

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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    marstc09: Shut up guys, where's the love? Favre is coming!
    NodakPaul: PHD level? GIving him too much credit...
    i_bleed_purple: about 95% of us could give less than a **** about other people's spirituality
    VikingsTw: It don't have to be that
    i_bleed_purple: we don't want to discuss sprituality, whats so tough for you to understand
    VikingsTw: Ok...
    Prophet: it's like discussing your profession at a PhD level on some random board when you have the option to discuss it with others that have minimal training in the area
    VikingsTw: especailly after you attacked me today
    VikingsTw: it don't have to happen hear but I would like to talk to you
    VikingsTw: Right, well I gave you my number
    Prophet: it's moronic to litter a vikings website with that crap
    NodakPaul: Vikigns TW, ever hear of Pascal's Wager?
    Prophet: if you want to have spiritual discussions go to a forum where people discuss that. there are plenty of them
    i_bleed_purple: I'm a follower of the flying spaghetti monster myself [link]
    VikingsTw: Yeah reopen it
    VikingsTw: who is he?
    josdin00: I don't have that anymore. I just cleaned everything out that wasn't on-topic.
    VikingsTw: I want to know your God
    Prophet: worship the god of yule gibbons
    VikingsTw: Yes Josdin, I just want my reply to prophet that you deleted
    Garland Greene: In your breakfast cereaL or on a cheeto?
    VikingsTw: thus became an Aethiest
    Prophet: i'm on a vikings forum becaues i don't give a **** about other people's religious beliefs.
    VikingsTw: I rejected the God of Beign from christianity
    josdin00: VTW - If I clean out that thread (again) and re-open it (again), will you keep the pollitical discussion out of it?
    VikingsTw: I used to be Aethiest till I found the real God
    Prophet: if i was on a forum that did that i would be on that forum, i'm not
    i_bleed_purple: Aethiest
    VikingsTw: and why do we have so many?
    i_bleed_purple: I don't
    VikingsTw: There is only one true religion, which is it?
    VikingsTw: I want to hear about your sprituality
    Garland Greene: don't drink any Kool-aid at his house Prophet

    VikingsTw: I actually want to hear you preach
    Prophet: yes, preach on brother.
    VikingsTw: thats all up to you, not me
    VikingsTw: Eternal Life?
    Prophet: um, kids, i'm going to meet a lunatic from a vikings website that is offering me eternal life. you'll have to make dinner on your own tonight
    VikingsTw: magnificiant
    VikingsTw: real funny GG
    Garland Greene: I can see Prophet visiting VTW now. Prophet walks inn ansd VTW has teh tinfoil hat on to protect him from the "radiation"
    Prophet: i'll send you my SSN, mother's maiden name, and a copy of my passport
    Freakout: upgrade to webcam then its a deal
    Prophet: yeah, i'm right on that
    VikingsTw: \we can get alot more information out over the phone
    i_bleed_purple: he'l tie you down and take advantage of you
    Prophet: i already have to visit the people from to see if they are alreayd midgets
    VikingsTw: Why would want to discuss this is a chat?
    Freakout: he'll phone sex you
    Prophet: why would i want to?
    VikingsTw: You might be surprised at what I know
    VikingsTw: I'm such a hack
    VikingsTw: **** you can visit me
    VikingsTw: I gave you my phone number
    VikingsTw: Like I said call me
    VikingsTw: would love to know
    Prophet: you're just some hack on the internet pretending to be intelligent and enlightening to a group of people that don't give a **** what you have to say on the topic
    VikingsTw: And whats do you do for spiratal believe
    countrygirl: [link]
    VikingsTw: I do wish to open peoples eyes to the coruption of goverment
    Prophet: if you want to talk spiritual matters, that's different. I dont' believe there is anything spiritual in anything you have to offer
    VikingsTw: I wouldn't say elightening
    Prophet: not an original thought involved
    VikingsTw: I do know some, very important events that will be taking place
    Prophet: you claim you are enlightening everyone with your bull**** theories that are littered all over the internet
    VikingsTw: I don't know all future
    VikingsTw: I gave you my phone number
    Prophet: I never claimed to know the future of all spiritual things and you have
    VikingsTw: Educate me plese with something other than slander and attacks
    VikingsTw: What does he know?
    VikingsTw: Cause if i'm all wrong, then Prophet knows all he can straighten me out? Right?
    VikingsTw: You know all?
    VikingsTw: and your right?
    NodakPaul: of course its not crap. after all, it's on the internet...
    Prophet: anytime you think you are omniscient you are not.
    VikingsTw: Absoluty, the thing is it's not crap
    Prophet: you actually believe your crap, that is the funny part.
    VikingsTw: anytime you think you've arrived, you havn't
    VikingsTw: whatever you want to "think"
    Prophet: i have made it and have no doubt that i made it
    NodakPaul: I would laugh if it wasn't so sad...
    Prophet: i have no doubt that i will laugh every time i think about your bull****
    VikingsTw: If you make it
    VikingsTw: when you realize the for the first time
    VikingsTw: You can all laugh when what I say is true
    Prophet: that's a good goal to have
    Prophet: yeah, chosen by some asshat with a fake name on a vikings website
    NodakPaul: lol mars
    NodakPaul: not asshole theory. Asshole'S theory...
    marstc09: lol
    marstc09: WOW did I miss a lot
    VikingsTw: you fear it
    VikingsTw: your scared of the truth
    VikingsTw: Right, asshole theory
    i_bleed_purple: haha
    Prophet: i come to pp.o to learn about things like, why SBDs stink, not some assholes theory (that he thinks is nostradomus like) on the meaning of life within a thread honoring soldiers
    NodakPaul: "Jane, his wife"
    VikingsTw: Not everyone can be chosen, because they can't handle it
    VikingsTw: that happens all the time
    VikingsTw: Or is scared of the truth
    VikingsTw: I can't help anyone who is doesn't want to learn
    NodakPaul: the ends justifies the means argument TW?
    i_bleed_purple: I'll be sure to not take it to heart
    VikingsTw: as long as you can consider it, then work to change things when the time is right
    i_bleed_purple: oh teach us wise one
    VikingsTw: is this information, it doesn't matter where you get it
    VikingsTw: The thing you don't understand prophet
    NodakPaul: lol. Why GG? It isn't lie Muslims get offended when you dis their religi... oh wait (And yes, I have several muslim friends)
    Prophet: personally, i like to start threads on thing like soil physics and then talk condescendingly to people while i teach them about it....on an nfl forum.
    Garland Greene: I would hat eto tell any of my Muslim friends that Wow
    NodakPaul: "Daughter Judy"
    NodakPaul: "His Boy Elroy"
    NodakPaul: "Meet George Jetson.."
    ultravikingfan: Later!
    ultravikingfan: I do already. That is why I am better than you. Yay me!
    NodakPaul: and there cars will foldup into briefcases
    i_bleed_purple: I want whatever he's smoking
    VikingsTw: Robots will clean them
    VikingsTw: Just imagine, in the future everyone will have pools
    NodakPaul: [link]
    i_bleed_purple: lol, just awful
    ultravikingfan: Somebody has to clean my pool?
    VikingsTw: that way masses are always in conflict of each other
    NodakPaul: wow
    VikingsTw: created for division
    VikingsTw: No muslim is satanic religion
    ultravikingfan: Well, there are not and never will be.
    ultravikingfan: Muslim?
    VikingsTw: I want all humans to be equal
    VikingsTw: I am not satanic Religion
    NodakPaul: what was a tremendous point?
    VikingsTw: I am not laviathen
    VikingsTw: I do not wish to be worshiped

    Prophet: start a thread with your prophetic enlightening of the masses and then your followers can flock and wash your feet and send you trinkets
    VikingsTw: probably the best one out there
    VikingsTw: Thats a tremendous point
    i_bleed_purple: why do you insist on posting your crap in a thread when multiple people keep asking you not to, tahts what YOU DON"T understand
    ultravikingfan: Then keep that crap somehwere else
    VikingsTw: why would I hate the solders?
    NodakPaul: TW, I understand that you don't dispect the soldiers. But posting that was disrespectful to them. DO you see the difference
    VikingsTw: I have all the love in the world for the soldiers
    ultravikingfan: Just because Bush snuck into the Twin Towers and tied explosives to them, do not hate heros.
    Prophet: that is nothing new, you are not enlightening anyone with your shallow thoughts that you perceive to be thought provoking
    VikingsTw: who control the soldiers
    VikingsTw: I disrespect the powers that be
    Prophet: i agree with almost nothing that gov't is doing, i still love my country and the people that defend it
    VikingsTw: No sir
    Garland Greene: But that was not the post to say so
    ultravikingfan: You disrespect them
    VikingsTw: who said I hated soilders
    VikingsTw: I do hate the policy
    ultravikingfan: Hate the policy, not the soldiers, Airman, & MArines
    VikingsTw: there it is you give me a call we can talk it over
    VikingsTw: 505-290-2155
    Prophet: you act like you are omniscient (and you're serious), and it is annoying because you're oviously a hack
    ultravikingfan: He sghould
    VikingsTw: he didn't punch me in the face
    Garland Greene: Thak you Ultra
    VikingsTw: My brother was just there
    ultravikingfan: Was I for Iraq? No. But I am for the brave men and women over there
    VikingsTw: Dude your trash
    VikingsTw: Sure buddy
    Prophet: you have no idea about me or my beliefs, this is an nfl sight
    Garland Greene: is there ever a war that "neccessary" regrdles if you oare for or against, peopel are dying over there that needs to be recognized
    ultravikingfan: Any vet would punch you right between your eyes given the chance
    VikingsTw: Ultra you should know better
    VikingsTw: I believe that I'm more enlightened that you
    ultravikingfan: YOU need to respect a fallen hero.
    VikingsTw: there work is being taken over
    Prophet: you really believe that you are enlightened, go talk to the other morons in your sec and talk about how misguided the rest are
    ultravikingfan: SO ****en what?
    VikingsTw: Hey man I can agree, the founding fathers were tremendous
    ultravikingfan: To what? Disrespecting a fallen soldier?
    VikingsTw: The war is unesacry
    Prophet: the gov't has always had problems, more now. You are an asshole for putting your bull**** conspiracy 'facts' in the thread
    VikingsTw: You need to wake up
    ultravikingfan: It is a very great vid GG. Too bad someone had to spoil it.
    Garland Greene: It was a very great video
    VikingsTw: Look at our Goverment, they have hords of followers
    Garland Greene: Damn now the post got locked for some BS
    VikingsTw: That don't mean much
    ultravikingfan: Gotta have followers to be a leader.
    Prophet: you are a tool, there is no doubt.
    ultravikingfan: You're not leading anyone.
    VikingsTw: It's tough to lead the blind and dilusional

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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    Best two lines from that conv.

    "marstc09]If" wrote:
    [quote author=BloodyHorns82]I know I do, lol.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    What a train wreck...
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    "C" wrote:
    What a train wreck...
    That's an understatement....

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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    I'm skeered

    I'm exercising my ass by doing flexing exercises while typing. Prophet 3:42pm March 16, 2007
    "If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn't have given us arms." Mike Ditka

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    Re: We will all die in 120(ish) days

    "C" wrote:
    What a train wreck...
    You're still a nutsack, but this looney takes the freaking cake.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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