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    Here is an article I wrote on the HELIUM web site.
    It's a site where writers write on a myriad of subjects, I chose to write on this topic. The writing is judged by other writers on the site, and currently mine is ranked 2 of 12.

    Reflections: Brett Favre returning for another season.

    by Gary Tougher

    Legend or not, Brett Favre's return to the Packers will mean that they will retain their status as a middle of the road team. Here is a prediction for you, they will not win the Super Bowl this year. The Maddens and Peter Kings of the NFL media world will continue to go on and on about his past performances, tell us constantly how he loves the game so much and how great it is that he hasn't missed agame for years. But will any of this win them a championship? I don't think so! He may not be totally burnt out yet, but it feels close.

    THe object of any NFL team is to try to win the Super Bowl, and by coming back another year, he has set his team back another year. The Pack has to move beyond Favre and start to train a new QB.

    Favre comes off looking like a Favre guy to me, not a team guy. His continuing off season soap operas are a tired script and I'll bet even after retirement we will be treated to with some more of his off season rumors, this time about whether he will return to the game. Hey Brett, maybe Randy Moss realized that your team is going nowhere this year and he knew he had a better chance of winning the Super Bowl ring he covets by playing for the Pats. Pack it in Brett.

    I realize this is more or less of what has been on another thread, but I just wanted to share my article with all PPO members. By the way, all the other 11 articles were pro-Favre.

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    Maybe you should delete your By line out of this thread though unless you don't mind having your name on the web.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    I did not notice I had left my name in there.
    I really doesn't matter to me because I write on Helium on the web all the time under my own name. The worst that can happen is that they won't let me in to Wisconsin!

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