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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    Well, this one time at band camp....oh wait that's has nothing to do about being drunk.

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    I have a few of those drunk stories nothing quite as entertaing the last time I got really intoxicated I was 20 years old I drank a 40 of some Old English whew, then I turned around and drank and entire 12er of Bud Ice. we started a bonfire with some gasoline. I did a few jumps over that I fell asleep at like 12:30 at nite I woke up on top of a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies had em for breakfast and horked em back up. other than that not much of a drunk hazard to myslef or anyone else.

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    Um we were about 16 and we were sleeping out in tents in my buddies backyard,
    In the back he had a really old river that you had to walk down the steep banks to get to.
    So me and my other buddy went down the banks to smoke all plastered.
    (I was a bad drinker at this age, I was drinking some vodka earlier and climbed a tree so I could drink it without anybody taking it away.) Anywho I was pissing in the river and passed out and fell in.
    Luckily my buddy grabbed me and pulled me out.
    He had to call for the other guys to come grab me and pull me up the bank with my pants down at my ankles all covered in piss and water.
    I woke up the next morning soaking with my pants off wondering what the fuck happened and they explained it all too me at McDonalds.

    Dumbass punk kids we were.

    All the kids my age pee their pants, it's the coolest.

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    Sweet Christ, where to begin...

    I always feared that a thread like this might emerge, and that I would for some stupid reason have the urge to post in it.

    Are we limited to stories that exclusively involve alcohol?

    No. I'm going to come back later, after considering whether or not it's actually a good idea to tell any of my (or friends') stories.

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    so a friend of mine went to a hotel and him and a few other got piss a$$ drunk, and this was right after they saw jacka$$ 2, and he had the great idea to brand himself a cross on his arm.. so they took a cig lighter and started to heat up a hanger.
    Then they proceeded to brand him, he got a puffy scar and the whole cross didnt last just the horizontal line.

    He then proceeded drinking and puked all over the bed and owned the hotel 400$ hahaha what a dumba$$ lol

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    well when i was 15 me and my buddy were out getting ripped on zimas and segrams 7.
    after a long walk home, hitting the warmth of a heated house was not so good for the stomach.
    his mom comes down and checks on us as we watch tv and i'm holding in having to throw up.
    when she finally leaves i can barely open my mouth cuz i'm gonna yack.
    so i'm asking my friend to get me a pot to throw up in and he thinks i'm asking him for reefer.
    eventually i have to just put my head down into my chest and puke all over myself so i dont mess up his parents living room.
    i happen to puke all over his tv remote also.
    needless to say the fun was over, but he ended up leaving his tv remote in the kitchen sink after he washed it off and we had some explaining to do.
    many more, but that was probably the beginning.

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    This is my kind of thread!
    This one was pretty recent so I'll use it.

    So I was up at the college and my buddy decides we need to grab some vodka and go up to these girls' room(I had never met before).
    So we get there and I'm mixing me some vodka and orange.
    I'm going through it pretty fast without even realizing what I'm doing.
    About a hour and a half later, I'm standing in this girls room trying to talk to her.
    I notice my legs are starting to get a little shaky and I'm not hardly understanding anything I say.
    Well, I sit down in a chair and start zoning out.
    All of a sudden the embarassment began.
    I ran to the bathroom and starting puking in the toilet like crazy.
    I can't remember very clearly anything after I puked the first time.
    I do remember going back and forth between the chair and the toilet, a couple times puking on their bathroom floor.
    The last time I made a run to the bathroom, I lost my balance right before I got to the toilet.
    I ran my forehead right into the edge of a wall.
    I felt it a little but it wasn't really much at the time.
    Now my friend decided I've embarassed myself enough so we start the adventure back to his dorm.
    The entire walk, which is probably about half a mile, I'm stopping to puke and can't even lift my feet.
    I have scuffs all over my boots from him pretty much dragging me, they're almost unwearable now.

    Now we're to the part of the story that I don't remember at all.
    The next morning he told me I set down on his chair and dry heaved over a garbage can for about 2 hours.
    After it looked like I'd quit, I layed in the floor and started puking everywhere again.
    He put the garbage can to my left and I was so out of it I was rolling to the right and puking on the floor.

    The next morning when I was really coming to, I looked in a mirror and almost crapped my pants when I saw my forhead.
    It was swollen very badly and looked like I might have a fracture.
    The knot was there for a good 4 or 5 days before it started to go down and the scab was enormous.
    It really was amazing that it didn't break the skin.
    So for the next couple weeks, I was the story on campus. The dude that got completely wasted and ran into a wall.
    I can still run my finger across my forhead and feel where I ran into the wall, it even hurts when I press on it.
    Badges of honor baby!
    The best part of my day is when I get down on my knees, with my head in my hands, and thank GOD for everything he has given me.

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    Ahhh the stories I could tell.
    20 years of wine, women and song in foreign ports.

    Suffice it to say, I usually drink myself sober
    and forget most of what I do.

    I do remember one time were I was videotaped in a small town in Spain called Cartegna on (No not in) the bar with a young lass of Spanish heritage.

    Good thing I wasn't married then.

    For the young adults out there..........

    Always remember and never forget....... Herpes is forever, the clap is no fun, and there are things out there now that can kill ya now.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    Well, it was a beautiful early Sept. afternoon...
    I had just gotten home from NYC where I was doing some security work...Got a few beers,..put some food on the barbie....Ready to close out my evening...Even though
    it was only 2pm est. Sitting on the balcony of my condo, having a few beers,...grilling up some pork ribs, listening to my old "feel good" stand by ...Commander Cody and T he Lost Planet Airmen" Life was good........Until neighbors complained that it was too loud.(????) So, I, as a concerned neighbor, went to the pool area..( Where my place happens to overlook)To find the root of the evil vibes!!!!IT WAS ME
    Holy crap, an old man hit me!! His son,(a lifegaurd came at me!!!) But still, I held my ground,....Never tossing a wing,,, I was completley in th right.... Until the cops showed up......and someONE
    said a "Drunken madman)((ohYOUR day will come Karen),, was threatening everyone... Well, the cops came and wanted to put me in cuffs right off the bat....Not for me...It took 3 officers to finally get me

    This is my advice, boys and girls....

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    Re: Drunk stories thread

    i could fill this thread, but im not a big fan of typing. some day
    We're bringing purple back.

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