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    Re: Blondes being blondes

    My favorite blonde joke....

    So, this blonde has had it with people making fun of her - just for being blonde.

    She decides that she's going to start a new life someplace where people don't know she's blonde.
    So she sells all of her belongings, her house, buys a new convertible, dyes her hair black and heads out across America to start things anew.

    By and by she's driving across a country road when she comes across a flock of sheep blocking the road.
    She slows down and waits for the flock to finish crossing.
    Pretty soon the shepherd comes along and she waves him down.

    "Excuse me, Mr. Shepherd, I was wondering if you'd care to make a little deal with me?"

    The shepherd, not wishing to offend a lovely lady, says "Sure!"

    The ex-blonde says - "Well, if I can tell you *exactly* how many sheep there are in your flock, can I have one?"

    Now the shepherd knows she has no chance, so he readily agrees.

    The gal stands up in her convertible, looks over the flock and says, "You have 242 sheep in your flock."

    The shepherd is amazed - because she got it exactly right.
    "That's right, lady....I don't know how you did it, but take your pick."

    She looks over the flock, picks out one she likes, scoops it up and plops it into her car next to her.

    Well, by now the flock has cleared the road so she starts up her car and gets ready to head on down the road.
    Before she can go, the shepherd stops her and says, "Hey lady, it's only fair that since I let you make a deal with me, you let me make a deal with you."

    She thinks about it for a moment and says, "You're right.
    That is only fair.
    What's your deal?"

    The shepherd says - "Well, if I can guess your true hair color, would you give me my dog back?"


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    Re: Blondes being blondes

    A blonde was riding down acountry road with her man behind the wheel.

    All of a sudden they came upon a large open field.

    In the middle of the field ther was another blonde--who happened to be in a row boat--and she was actually rowing!

    The blonde in the car looked at her man and stated, "You know if I could swim...I'd go kick her stupid a**!
    A good friend will help you move...a best friend will help you move a body.

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