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    Youth Favre Jersey needed - CHEAP

    I'm looking for a Favre Viking jersey for my 8 yr old Son. He's growing fast so I don't want to spend a pile of $$$$. Around here in Shopko, kmart and Walmart I can find the lower priced lions and that other teams jersey's but no Vikings. Can't seem to find a low end jersey online either at less than $50. (Located in upper michigan)

    Can anybody help me out and pick one up at a Minnesota shopko, kmart or walmart and ship it? I can pay via paypal or whatever method you desire. Need by Dec 25 of course. (The low end jerseys around here are priced less than $25.)

    Any help is appreciated!!!!!!!

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    Re:Youth Favre Jersey needed - CHEAP

    And the fake Favre jerseys are already available

    Go ahead and PM i_bleed_purple or post in the thread I provided. I just got two damn nice jersey's from Bleed, $45 each shipped.

    Took 8 or 10 days over T-day holiday.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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