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"ejmat" wrote:
I won't be going to the Tampa game but I will be going to the Jax game.
I'm not quite sure about the shuttle portions of things as I live in Miami.
One resource is go to the website for that city and see what their resources are.
We should start a list of people planning on attending each game, or maybe a seperate thread for that purpose.
I am still thinking about getting a guy from up here in SC and coming down to the JAX game.
I was wondering who all else thinks they are going to be there for the Jags game?

I have a buddy that is a Jags season ticket holder and goes pretty much every week.
I can get some advice from him on where to hang before the game, or where we might be able to tailgate if anyone is interested.
And maybe you need to pay more attention to your FANTASY TEAM Mr. Carolina "I don't submit lineups" Crush!

Already done, but thanks anyway.

[size=12pt]Mr. Carolina[/size] "I didnt change my lineup last week because nobody on my bench was going to score more than my starters anyway (and I was right), and I didnt have anyone playing in this Thursday's games so didnt need to do it until Sun this week"