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    ***Tape Discussion*** Topic Headline Edited, No Google!

    I posted a message here stating that I collect Viking Games.
    I buy, sell, and trade games to add to my ever-growing collection.
    So do thousands of other football fans.
    It's a fun hobby and I wish I had every Viking game.
    I have a lot, but as a true fan, I just can't get enough!

    Someone replied that this was illegal and locked the thread, citing the tagline played during every game that no use of the game 'without the written consent of the NFL is allowed. '

    What I am doing, and what other fans who miss games or want to watch an old game are doing is not illegal, however.
    As long as the games are not re-broadcast and are used only for the private use of the audience.
    Taping a game off of the air via a VCR, for example, is not illegal.
    Giving said tape to a friend is not illegal, even if he pays you for the tape, postage, etc.

    There are websites, etc.
    devoted to this hobby and on one of them an attorney discusses the legality of such matters.
    It was his opinion that there was nothing to fear and we should keep on exchanging game tapes.

    Of course, there are always killjoys out there and people who read far more into copywrite law than is reasonable.
    And there's no question that someone can have a different legal opinion, as there has never been a case.
    That in itself is telling, since despite the fact that no one is hiding anything, not a single person has ever gotten in trouble for tape trading.
    (I guess nowadays it would be DVD trading. )

    I am asking PPO to leave my thread alone so me and other fans can contact each other to see games we have missed.
    If you think you can get in any trouble by merely allowing the post, consult your attorney and he or she will put you at ease.

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    Re: Trading Viking Tapes is not illegal

    No, the NFL is clear on this.

    You have YOUR attorney contact us, in certified writing, his opinion on the matter and indemnify PPO from any actions related to your "hobby".

    Once you take all the burden from all legal liabilities, including copyright infringement, which pierces any corporate shield and thus leaves your personal assets as fair play for restitution for the breach of these laws, you let me know.

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