Season ticket holders have the opportunity to buy up to four additional upper deck playoff game tickets (that's four to the opening round game, plus four for the championship if the Vikings host it).

Luckily, I found the $$ to purchase my own seats for the playoffs...ZDog will be coming for the opener, and Cajun if we host the NFCCG. I've offered to buy two tix for V4L if he sends me the money up front, which might leave me the opportunity to help out another Vikes fan in need of playoff tickets if they can pay for them up front.

Not sure if everyone is just planning on waiting until tickets go on sale to see what they can get at the box office, but I suspect the Vikings will have zero issues selling out this one to the home fans with #4 at the helm and plenty of advance warning to boot. But the deadline for the Vikings receiving my request for purchase of additional tickets (and payment for at least the first game) is due by Dec. 14th...way before tickets go on sale at the box office.

Just figured I'd throw this out there if there were any non-season ticket holders who definitely wanted playoff tickets but perhaps didn't want to risk getting shut out when they go on sale to the general public (assuming season ticket holders don't snatch them all up). If interested, send me a PM, and I'd encourage all other season ticket holders here on PP.O to do the same. This could well be our big year, Vikings fans! You don't want to miss being part of Vikings history!