I bought season tickets to go to the packers game for face value and not pay the high prices like I did last year. I had some friends back out so I had a couple extra tickets to that game. All of the other games I had no intention of going to including the playoffs (thats why I sold for so CHEAP, under box office prices), unless against the packers or dolphins(super bowl)

"green" wrote:
Does anyone know how much longer before those playoff invoices start to show up?

I will have 8 seats for playoff games for sale.
2 section 116 row 23
2 section 219 row 11
4 section 222 row 26
Out of your 87 posts, at least 80 must be to sell tickets. Sell em if you want, but you may want to contribute otherwise, so people don't think that's the only reason you're on this site.

Personally, i think you're a broker and probably made accounts on multiple sites because it's free.

Oh well, i'm no one here so do what you want.