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    Re: Pair of Packers @ Vikings tickets!!!

    Just had to pipe in and say that I just eBayed my two tickets in Section 213, Row 25.
    These are the $25 season seats, so I had $50 invested in them.
    Most years that I sell the Packers game, I get about 3X what I paid for them.

    The winning bid on the pair of tickets was $435!!!!!

    Unfortunately, some Sconnie won them.
    Hope they are Vikings fans, but I wouldn't count on it.
    On the good side, barring a major price increase, this one sale should just about pay for my season ticket renewal for next year....or playoff tickets ;D

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    Re: Pair of Packers @ Vikings tickets!!!

    Not sure if its a good deal or not, but money talks.
    I will sell my two lower level tickets to the packer/vikings game for $600/pair
    section 116 row 23 by the players tunnel
    Otherwise I will enjoy the game from there

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    Re: Pair of Packers @ Vikings tickets!!!

    green hornet,
    I am in process of seeing whether I get a set of tickets by Monday.
    If no one takes your tickets I will..........Thanks!

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    Re: Pair of Packers @ Vikings tickets!!!

    "Caine" wrote:
    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    I guess the price gouging has reached pp.o. Sad.
    $50 compared to $400. That's only an 800% mark up.
    Capitalism my man. Not forcing anyone to buy them. My parents asked what I thought they were worth and that's what I came up with. After a week or so if they don't sell here I'll put them on stubhub. The cheapest tickets there are $189 for limited view.

    But hey I'm just the messenger, I'm not making a penny.

    If you owned these tickets and couldn't go to the game how much would you sell them for?
    Don't do that.
    Don't open the door to moral issues and whatnot.

    If your parents want to profit on thier tix, that's their affair.
    If some here don't "approve", as you said, they don't have to buy them.

    But if you start asking "What would you charge", you KNOW you're going to hear "face value to PPO members", and then someone else will jump in with the "Well why shouldn't they get what they can" defense and then the fight is on.

    Let's short circuit that right now.

    Your parents want $400 (each or for the set?).
    If someone is interested, you know who to contact.
    If not...don't bother commenting.

    We have enough pointless shooting matches going on around here without adding another one.



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