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    Need 2 tickets, IND@MN (Home opener)

    Not sure how far off they'll start selling tickets, but I wanted to get a head start.

    I told my dad that I want to take him to a Viking game this year for Fathers day/his wedding gift (we didn't get him anything when we got married..
    figured it's time to pay up.. lol), and since he's a big cajun food lovin' guy, especially gumbo, and since our very own cajunviking will be dishin' up his specialty gumbo, that the home opener would be the perfect game to take daddy to.

    Here's my plea..
    I would like 2 tickets (together, obviously) for that game.
    I'm not sure where you guys/gals go to find good priced tix..
    So if you could maybe link a few sites, that would be cool.

    Or if you are looking to sell 2 tickets yourself, let me know how much cash you're looking for.

    Or if I should just call the Vikings ticket office, tell me to call 'em.

    Although, it would be REALLY cool to get a pretty good deal on them tickets..
    -=wink wink, nod nod=-
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    Re: Need 2 tickets, IND@MN (Home opener)

    Check eBay.......... e=ADME:B:BCA:US:1123 geName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=006

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    Re: Need 2 tickets, IND@MN (Home opener)

    best thing to do is buy them when the KFAN presale starts..thats what i always do anyways
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    Re: Need 2 tickets, IND@MN (Home opener)

    theres lotsa of different sites to check out.
    the prices r marked up so it depends on how bad u want the tickets n if u have seating preferences.
    these might b better as a last resort but good to know jus in case

    just google 'vikings tickets' and there will b many sites to compare. or maybe someone here might have the tickets u want.

    good luck!

    some things need to fall out of place for other things to fall into place.

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