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    Re: ***Looking for 2 Vikings vs Giants tickets***

    ya, im gonna wait n c what happens, that is my ideal seating preference but in the end, i will gladly take anythin around that same area if i have to, itll b a great experience either way im sure

    some things need to fall out of place for other things to fall into place.

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    Re: ***Looking for 2 Vikings vs Giants tickets***

    It's not often you actually see someone type Minnesotan.

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    Re: ***Looking for 2 Vikings vs Giants tickets***

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    "lil_miss_sixty" wrote:
    lol, its all makin sense to me now, quite a process, ya, sorry, thought my old post was losin attention so i started this one and umm ya, i pmed skol, hes figurin out what he wants to do, so its cool, and why behind the vikings bench???? well i asked in another topic where the best seatin would b and i got many suggestions, singer is the one who got me sold on section 109, row 15 n up to b exact , the view seems perfect, close enough to the game to feel like ud b a part of it, bhind the vikings bench cuz i assume all the vikings fans will b on that side especially, so to b a part of all that spirit, i think it would b great
    Truth be told, the entire place will be Vikings fans.
    109, about halfway up are probably some of the best seats in the entire metrodome, which is why they will be hard to come by.
    I would say that if you did any non-endzone lower level tickets you will still have a great experience, and they will be much easier to obtain.
    NOT for Puker games, unfortunately... >

    Dang greedy Vikings fans who sell out their tickets to lame butt Puker numbnuts!!!
    > >

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