I know there are a few members on the site that do this sort of thing.
May be a good opportunity to make some coin.

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As you might have noticed lately, the site is really taking off.
We're gaining more and more acceptance in the mainstream press, we're popping up on radio shows throughout the country, and our traffic has been through the roof this season, thanks in large part to the highly popular Live Blog of Monday night games -- which is now being expanded to include Sunday nights, too.

And with our five-year anniversary coming up next week, we're hoping to take the thing to yet another new level from a revenue standpoint.

We're not planning to charge for content, so you can put down your change purse.
Instead, we want to expand our pool of national sponsors, with the assistance of a skilled and motivated liaison who would be compensated for his or her time on a commission basis.

Currently, we feature ads for Sprint and Nextel, Adam Archuleta's Freak of Training video (which Shawne Merriman would have been better off using than those nandrolone-tainted supplements), and Fanball.com.
Next week, we'll begin a campaign for Mike Freeman's new book on Jim Brown.

We're reluctant to employ this approach, because we suspect that we'll get at least 500 e-mails that contain phrases like "I've never done anything like that before, but since I have so much free time while I live in my Grandpa's basement I'm willing to try."
We're looking to partner with one -- and only one -- experienced professional who is a familiar with the site and shares our passion about it.

For anyone out there who fits this description, contact us via [email protected].

That's right, the ever-pleasant and always cordial Dante is in charge of this process; thus, willingness to deal with him is the first test that any applicants will have to pass.
(And if/when no one applies, we'll know why.)

Dante here.
Florio was, as usual, being way too friggin' nice.
Let me clarify.
We don't want slap-asses with no job and no experience and no prospects to apply.
We are not mommy or daddy.
We're glad you come to the site but this gig ain't a paper route.
We're looking for a company that's in the business of finding and securing national advertisers.
It can be a big company.
It can be a small company.
We just want a company that knows what it's doing and who can convince us of that fact.]