I'd really like to go to one or more of the following concerts this summer. If anyone has 1, in some cases 2 tickets for sale, reply or send me a message.

-Dave Matthews Band @ 10,000 Lakes Festival. The concert is Sat. July 25 @ 8:30. I need 2 single day tickets.

-Godsmack July 24th @ MYTH. 8pm..2 Tickets

-Staind, Chevelle and Halestorm. Taste Of Minnesota, July 2 At Harriet Island St. Paul(I believe) 2 Tickets

-Kid Rock. State Fair, August 29(my birthday). 7PM. 2 Tickets

-KISS @ summerfest June 27th. Milwaukee 8PM. 1 Ticket

I know about craigslist, ebay and ticketmaster. I want to put some money in a vikings fan' pocket. Maybe that would put another butt in a seat, for a game at the dome.