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    Re: I am trying to organize an away game with a group of ppo'ers

    "VikingMD" wrote:
    "NordicNed" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "NordicNed" wrote:
    I"m down for Tenn......I know they have alot of chicken lovers down there also... ;D
    I've got a TN game thread going.
    Need to update it a bit though as COJO has given me a new hotel that is just as close but cheaper than the one he gave me before.

    I want to bunk with Marr... ;D
    Oh that is sweet! Maybe you guys can get matching jammies ;D
    Trust me when I tell you this, you don't want to share a room with me.

    I won't admit it to Wildwoman but I do really snore bad.

    Chris (my brother) and seaniemck7 will probably share a room and Wildman is bunking with me as he sleeps just as sound as I do and my snoring doesn't bother him.
    Anyone else is welcome to campout in our room as long as you don't mind the snoring.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: I am trying to organize an away game with a group of ppo'ers

    "marstc09" wrote:
    "vikeswin2005" wrote:
    Ok dates are obviously set I will be going to the Titans game and Cardinals who's with me???
    I am in for the Titans and possibly the Cardinals.
    This is a real Viking ,you morons!!!(And not Marrrrrrrrrr)

    Nice effort marstc,Keep the faith .
    El underdog.

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