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    Re: I am lookin' to sell the metrodome....

    yep stay in minn i get that. well, looks like yall prefer the metro-doe-ump.

    I will rest my case here for the time being as it looks like you guys like the dome.

    Not sure why, but ok then


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    Re: I am lookin' to sell the metrodome....

    "audioghost" wrote:
    I like the dome....its loud, a good atmosphere....I don't understand why everyone complains (as fans) because the same fans that complain about the dome complain about having to pay taxes for a new stadium......
    I can complain. Plus, I do not have to pay any taxes towards a new stadium! :razz:

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    Re: I am lookin' to sell the metrodome....

    "Metrodump" wrote:
    Say whatch you want about the packers, but they DOOO play in the elements. Dont you guys hate the fact that the vikes are percieved as a pusy team cuz of the indoors arena??????

    Bud grant and metropolotin stadium was the true kick silliness. I just dont get why the old school mentality doesnt prevail here on this issue.


    Your name says it all, you bash, you b!tch, you disrespect, and above all you offend people on this board! The Metrodome is not the pillar of the league by any means, however it is our stadium and other teams do NOT look forward to coming into OUR house!! The Metrodome is dated and there are plans in the works for a new home, so just let it ride and shut up about it Metro.

    Go somewhere else, IMO you could care less about he Vikes as you refer to the team and us as "you guys", hence who do you cheer for?

    Make a relevant football comment, you know about the game last week, or an injury update or just something football related that doesn't turn into bashing OUR team!

    No Cheers for you!!

    Everyone else, Cheers!

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    Re: I am lookin' to sell the metrodome....

    Geeeeez, ok, sorry. I am getting older in my years here, so I appologize.

    I must be out numbered here to the new school fellas,..

    I just like the Tark, Bloomington days. That was the best. This new school dome- moss antics---love boat stuff...cripse guys

    Bud Grant would be ashamed.

    Again, sorry for the rant guys....


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