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    Re: Entourage 4 Free Tix to SF

    Screw the trip to alcatraz. That's one cold boat ride.
    I could get into eating some dungeness at Dante's on pier 29 though.
    I could visit my little Chinese friend who will pour you free shots of Jack when you buy some trinkets from his store; while his wife yells at him in Chinese the whole time.
    But mostly I would love to see the Vikes out there.

    SF is a fun place to visit. I hope someone who has never been there wins. I hope they are from PPO.
    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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    Re: Entourage 4 Free Tix to SF

    "Zeus" wrote:

    As The Wife is due to give birth to my son on 12/14, I think I'll have to pass on entering.
    I don't usually win drawings, but, with my luck, I'd win this one, LOL!


    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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    Re: Entourage 4 Free Tix to SF

    Easy sign up!! Wonder if they'll pay for the trip out to Minne instead of the one to SF, I could hitchhike to that one. ;D I plan on going to that game anyway but the extras would sure be sweet, and your right jargo skip the boat ride, SF is cold in the summer that ride in Dec would be brutal.

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    Re: Entourage 4 Free Tix to SF

    I just signed up, so I'm going to win

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