EDIT - Never mind...I just found a deal that was too good to pass up, even though it meant spending cash.
Purchased seats from Online Seats.com, four tickets in Sec 213, Row 26 (same section as my season seats, just one row further back) for $25 each plus fees.
I was going to pass on them, as the total price wasn't any better than another broker had offered for the same Sec/Row.
But when I started to navigate away from the page, I got a popup window offering to knock $15 off the shipping cost.
That made the total cost of the 4 tickets $118.52...less than box office face price!
That was too good to pass up IMO!
And to boot, they gave me a $35 "gift card" to use on any tickets on their site that aren't will call or local pickup seats!
It turns out that they are a broker for other brokers, and "Big League Events" is the broker with the actual tickets.
I've just received confirmation from them regarding my order, seats 26-29 in Sec 213, Row 26.
If anyone is looking for some decent tickets at a good price, you might try looking at Online Seats.com and do the same thing I did to save on the shipping and get the $35 gift card.
By the way, the discount code they gave me to save on the shipping was ols 15 (or maybe it was ols15 with no space).

Looks like the SF game is the one we are targeting.
It will be me, ZDog, the wife and kid, so we need four tickets together.
I have a line on some good, cheap tickets, but I'd rather work out a trade with someone here if I can do it.

I have two season tickets in Section 213, Row 25, seats 11 and 12.
Ideally, I'd like to trade some combination of my tickets for four tickets together for the SF game.
I can trade you my two SF game tickets and two tickets to another game, or some other combination of my tickets, for your four tickets (depending of course on where your tickets are located and what they are valued at).
I'm even willing to trade games like GB and CHI, but I do place a value premium on these games (probably on the NYG game as well).

If you'd be willing to make such a trade, get in touch with me ASAP, otherwise I'll just go ahead and buy the tickets I'm watching.
I'd rather make a trade and not have to part with any cash, but I want to take care of this fast.