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Thread: WMV file

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    Re: WMV file

    "RK." wrote:
    The auto detect default should be ok if you didn't see it in the ascii list.
    What is it a movie of?
    It is something that my wife needed to get to South Africa for a conference submission.
    It is a video of NZ mammals.
    You can download it and watch it if you like. It should be enjoyable.

    To send it over night ( actually 3 days) is over $100.00 and I thought I would try this and send the hard copy a cheaper method.

    No worries.
    We are waiting for a reply back to see if it is even worth sending, if they will still accept it.
    They said the 9th and we can't get it there until Mon at that 100.00 rate.

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    Re: WMV file

    I've never tried it here, but uploading a WMV is one of the options allowed.

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