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Thread: Video Card

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    Video Card

    Hey all, I know some of you are tech savvy (at least more tech savvy than I am) and I am looking to upgrade my video card. Right now I have a GeForce 5200, and I guess from what I've read that it's middle of the road. I'm looking for something more high end, does anyone have any ideas on what to buy?

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    Re: Video Card

    Look on they have some great stuff for a reasonable price.

    Right now they have a XFX GeForce 6200 A / 512MB DDR2 / AGP 8x / DVI / VGA / TV-Out / Video Card that is $94.99. I built 2 computers from parts I purchased from this site and I have yet to have a problem.

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    Re: Video Card

    I'd go with what bird hunter said, I've built 3 computers using and have never had a problem, and have saved probably around $500 per computer compared to if I had ordered the same computer from DELL.

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    Re: Video Card

    Thanks guys!

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