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    Re: "Two Beer Minimum" Forum.

    Who cares?

    You know where to find the spicy threads now, just check in there if thats what you want.

    Do people need to complain and disect every upgrade or option webby gives us?

    You have a forum where you can talk about boobies and bj's....have fun.

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    Re: "Two Beer Minimum" Forum.

    "WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
    Plus I think sometimes the titles of the threads don't always get across what's really being discussed in that particular thread.
    I agree with you WBL. I've said this a few times before as well.

    The thread title should reflect at least in part to it's content.

    Not only does the title give the member an idea of what it's about, but it's also quite helpful when performing a "search" using the search engine later on.

    Example: If I have an article about a player that I want to post & I do a manual search for related threads about that player in the Vikings forums, titles like "WTF?", "What?" & "Say it isn't so" aren't very helpful in determining if that thread is about that player.

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