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    Re: Stealing is bad mmmkay........

    lol this is funny

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    Re: Stealing is bad mmmkay........

    "ColoradoVike" wrote:
    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    "ColoradoVike" wrote:
    it's not stealing if there's not a copywrite. On the web, things are fast, and lose, and you have to assume everything is up for grabs if it's not on a corporate/institutional website.

    Someone just took personal offense to your commonsensical approach to the web and didn't have the interest to confront you openly. If you ask me....that's lame, mmmkay.

    Viva open source!
    Dude... you are only saying this because you stole Magicci's sig from him and claimed that someone on another site said you could use it.. even though it had magicci's name on it.

    Magicci asked josdin for a sig and he put some time and effort into making the personalized sig for him. I think it's pretty lame that you stole it and claimed that you had no idea. I don't believe your kaka del toro excuse about the other site.

    Well, this may hijack the thread, but wtf are you talking about? I don't use sigs and I certainly haven't had any interaction with Magicci, Josdin, or you on another site, or here for that matter. So, please explain yourself, and while you're at it, you can also post your apology to me. Likely, this is a case of mistaken identity, but you really should get your facts straight before you start throwing around theft accusations.
    Oh sorry man. I mixed you up with coloradovikings who stole magicci's sig. Maybe you should rethink yourself on the whole stealing thing. Remember caines post about people stealing sn's as well.. Well.. look where this has gotten us.

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    Re: Stealing is bad mmmkay........

    Well, I've decided to split hairs here because I'm bored and because PurplePeopleEaters has riled me up.

    I don't want to brush aside the fact that people feel their work was inappropriately used and taken advantage of, but there's a mixed message in all of this. I'll estimate that in at least half of the sigs that are produced here, the image content is borrowed from somewhere else. We've got sigs with athletes and celebrities on them and icons of official institutions' visual identities. Cynic that I am, I sincerely doubt that the authors of these sigs asked for persmission from Koren Robinson, Jennifer Aniston, or Iowa State University to use these images. Is that not "stealing" as it seems to be popularly understood here? So, it's ok to protect the bricoleur who makes sigs from already-existing content, even when they didn't ask if it's ok to use it? Seems to be a slippery slope to travel on and people just play favorites when they all fall down.

    In any event, I think what really is at the heart of the matter here is authorship and the ethical issue of giving credit for someone else's creativity. This really isn't about ownership and legality and so the theft, stealing, and criminal language here doesn't work. I thnk this is why I reacted as I first did when I questioned whether this was really about stealing. At the end of the day, this matter would likely be laughed out of criminal court, but debated furiously by philosphers of ethics.

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    Re: Stealing is bad mmmkay........

    Ok boys, this ends now.

    First of all, you are talking to the WRONG guy here. You are talking about "ColoradoVike" stealing the sig when it was actually the guy who signed up the other night named "coloradovikings". Here is the thread where this was talked about: 76

    These are 2 different members, ok.

    So, I think "ColoradoVike" is owed an apology for being accused of stealing somebodys sig.

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