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    Re: Sorry Guys & Gals

    "PurplePackerEater" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    This has nothing to do with being a Bears fans, Vikings fan, or whatever.

    We simply put threads in the proper forums here.

    And when I saw that it was a hoax, I locked it.
    I truly believed it when NoDak said it was a hoax, he knows he pooh about that stuff.

    That is great you were trying to help.
    But here I was under the impression it was a hoax.
    It was nothing against you and you have been a fantastic member from an opposing team.
    We really do not get many good Bears fans that are not here to talk ball.
    I have always enjoyed your contributions.
    Did you piss in someone's Corn Flakes recently? You've got a few people mad at you.

    Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving!
    Comes with the territory you asshole!


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    Re: Sorry Guys & Gals


    I have seen this float around many times before, and it is a Hoax

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