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    Re: Sigs for Military

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "jargomcfargo" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "jargomcfargo" wrote:
    "NordicNed" wrote:
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=53624.msg1004625#msg1004625 date=1255433191]
    [quote author=NordicNed link=topic=53624.msg1004562#msg1004562 date=1255387424]
    I've come to learn over the years, those who like to talk about their big time service to the country, really didn't do Jack pooh most the time....Maybe a Good Cook or Laundry Boy at best......

    I served, I'm proud, thats about it...

    Go look up my service ribbons,
    guatemala , columbia.....You can even find them on the net I bet!!!!!!!
    So what are you saying, if you weren't a snake eater doing special ops you aren't pooh?
    Ya lost me I guess.
    You jumped right over my second post I see Marr........And it's all over the place in the papers lately, Vets and non Vets, all around the country, trying to pass themselves off in public for something there not.....
    It's a sore subject with me.
    Maybe I didn't phrase myself correctly, but I've always honored and been thankfull for all Service men and women, and in some cases even civilians, who step up and serve this country of ours.
    Yes, even if they are a cook or laundry boy.
    Sorry if I put the cart before the horse, but hey, I do that sometimes, I'm not perfect and never have been....
    Let me see if I understand you correctly Ned.

    You served proudly, with reverent dignity for what you did. There were no brass bands or parades thanking you for your sacrifices. You quietly and proudly did your job.

    Yet you encountered those who may have misrepresented their service to their country. People bragging about their combat duty despite not being in combat, or in country, or even in the service.
    Not that you disrespect anyone who served, but in fact hold those who are lying blowhards in low esteem.
    For even cooks and clerk typists received incoming mortar attacks and assaults on compounds where I served.

    Your dad, and many veterans receive little or no help from the government they served. That's why we as veterans need to stick together, respect and support each other.

    Do I understand you correctly?

    If so, I agree.

    US Army 1969-1972.
    Special Forces Medic
    Republic of Vietnam !971-1972
    Arcom, Bronze star, ice cream eating medal

    Thank you to everyone who served the country I love. I don't always agree with my government, but I always love my country.
    Thank you for your service.

    Were you guys 18D back then?
    I only know that is what a SF Medic is now.

    I was on my way to going into SF's.
    But found out I had a son on the way.
    Ft.Campbell was home to 5th Group and that's the Group I wanted to join.

    High speed, low drag.
    The MOS numbers were different back then. It escapes my memory exactly, but I think 92 was medic. And I think we were 92 4S. But I'm not sure anymore.Have to look up my DD214. It's on there.

    The 5th was just brought back from Na Trang
    a couple months before I went to 'Nam. There were officially no special forces in country when I was there.
    Most of us were assigned to Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observation Group.( MACV-SOG).

    The best thing about SF was excellent training. I felt ready when I finally went across the pond. And I was.


    Ok, that's right.
    I was a 91B (Field Medical Specialist...Medic).
    I remember so of the okder Medics tell me they used to be 92's.


    I was Behavioral Health Air Force.
    91G in Army terms.
    Went to Fort Sam Houston for AIT or as us AF folks call Tech School.

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    Re: Sigs for Military

    19D (recon) Army and AMT (aviation maint. tech/ flight mech) Coast Guard.
    Its better to lose the first game than the last one.

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