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Thread: Sigs...

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    Re: Sigs...

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    I am not the greatest at sigs (as you can see) and I am still learning, but I have fun with them and would be glad to make one for anyone.
    if you have time could you make me one with chavous?

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    Re: Sigs...

    "foreverviking85" wrote:
    Hey ppe, how do you get the players cut out from their original backgrounds
    if you're using Photoshop then one way is to use the extract tool.
    Open the pic you want to use, then select filter>extract. Once extract window opens, use highlighter to draw round what you want. The brush size can be changed under the tool options on the right of the extract screen.
    Once you have selected what you want - be sure to make it fully enclosed - then select the fill tool and click inside the closed shape.
    Click preview to see preview of your cut out.If its ok then click ok, otherwise change the preview section from show to original and try again
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