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    Razor blade in ice cream won't result in legal ac

    A woman who simply wanted a nice evening discovered something unexpected. She bit into a razor that was in her ice cream. The Great Value ice cream Granger pulled out that evening was designed to be a treat. She says that it "tasted funny" when she first started eating it. Granger has said that she probably will not be suing the multinational corporation. Instead, she just hopes that they review safety procedures in their plants. Article source - Woman bites into razor in Walmart ice cream, but won't sue by MoneyBlogNewz.

    Finding a razor blade in ice cream at Walmart

    In TX, Granger wanted a snack for her film. Great Value brand ice cream was what she chose. The inside of her lip got cut on a spoonful of ice cream though. A broken razor blade was discovered in the ice cream by Granger. She decided to get a hold of Walmart customer service. She was told then, "I'm sorry, I hope your day gets better." She then was able to get a hold of Walmart media outlets. She said that she wants Walmart to review safety procedures although it is “nobody’s fault” that the razor got in there. Granger isn’t planning on suing Walmart for this.

    How Great Value ice cream is made

    It is not really true that a woman bit into a razor blade in “Walmart ice cream” as many have reported. Walmart does not directly manufacture the Great Value brand even though it is the Walmart house brand. Instead, the Walmart corporation contracts out to manufacturers various products and labels them as Great Value. That means that Walmart will have to contact the company that makes the ice cream and discuss the problem with them. Walmart is “opening a full investigation” in accordance with spokespeople.

    Food with other things in it

    Ever since manufactured food has existed, unfamiliar objects have been found in it. The USDA and FDA both work together to track and address foreign-object-in-food grievances. About one-third of reports of an unfamiliar object in food involve glass or other sharp objects. Anyone who finds items in their food is encouraged to report the discovering to their local health department and the food manufacturer.

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    Re: Razor blade in ice cream won't result in legal ac

    thats just dumb, if i found a razor blade in my ice cream i would be suing for all they're worth. now, suing because you burned you tongue on coffee is dumb, but she could have been seriously hurt. Great Value had better be counting their blessings. i know i'll never buy their stuff again.

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    Re: Razor blade in ice cream won't result in legal ac

    Wow, does Walmart seriously have people writing on forums talking about this?

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