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    [size=10pt]How To Post An Article[/size]

    Lately we have been bombarded by Culpepper articles here at PP.O.
    A lot of you like to post them and that's great!

    However, a lot of times articles have been posted without the poster checking to see if the topic is covered.

    Now, this is not a "forum rule" but this is more in the netiquette realm.

    I would suggest that the title of your thread be the same as the title of the article, that way it is easier for members to see if an article has been posted.
    The titles like "Culpepper to be traded!!!!!!!!" are very misleading.

    Second, if you are not sure pick a word from the article that is not a common word.
    Then go here [size=13pt]Using the PP.O Search Function[/size] and find out how to utilize the PP.O search function.

    Plus, if the article is more than a day old odds are it has been posted.
    I used to post articles but we have members who are really on top of them (singer) so I do not even bother.

    **New article does not always mean new thread**

    If you come back here and your article is "locked", then it was a duplicate.
    If it was "Moved" then it was either in the wrong forum or has been merged with the topic already being discussed.

    I am only bringing this up because it is easier to navigate and there seems to be a certain amount of credit entitled to the member who posts the original article.

    **Do not count on just looking at the "Latest Talk" to see it something was posted**

    Thanks for your efforts in making PP.O the #1 Viking fansite!

    [size=18pt]**Please do not post entire articles.
    Please post a link to that particular article.
    You can add a quote from the article as well**

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    Using the PP.O Search Function

    [size=13pt]Using the PP.O Search Function[/size]

    Because of the amount of articles and duplicate articles being posted, we need a little training on how to use the PP.O search feature.

    This is a tutorial that will help you find if something has been posted or a topic is being discussed.
    It will also help the forums stay neat and organized.

    Select the "Search" tab at the top of the page:

    [img width=450 height=337][/img]

    Enter the word you will be searching for in the text box.
    **Note** use words that are contained in the article that are not very common in order to get better/more precise results. Then click the "Advanced Search" link:

    [img width=450 height=337][/img]

    Now click in the box that states, "Search in topic subjects only".
    In the Search Order select the dropdown arrown and select "Most Recent Topics First".
    Click the "Choose a board to search in, or search all" link and then select the forums that your topic will most likely have been posted.
    Set the number of days.
    If it is recent, set between 0 and a few days in order to furthur filter. Then click "Search".

    [img width=450 height=337][/img]

    [img width=450 height=337][/img]

    Scan your search results and see what matches you are given.
    Sometimes it may take a little while.
    Using a "not-so-common" word will help you.
    Your search word will be highlighted in yellow:

    [img width=450 height=337][/img]


    If there is any article titled, "Childress attemps to readjust offense" it would be wise to use the word readjust as your search word because it is not a common word.

    Good luck.
    It may take some practice but hopefully we can eliminate some of the clutter and locks.

    *Don't post whore this sticky.
    Have a question, ask away


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    [size=10pt]Forum Netiquette[/size]

    We encourage all members to speak their mind and give their opinions.

    In order to do that, we practice netiquette.
    If you have a thought about something (Head Coach, our QB's, Draft, etc) please take the time and look around and see if there is another thread already discussing the topic.
    A half dozen threads about firing Childress is redundant and sloppy.
    Other sites have entire pages on the same 3 topics.

    You can also use the Search feature to see if a topic is being discussed (posted above)

    As always, if you have a unique take by all means post it.


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