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Thread: Please Help!

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    Please Help!

    Hey all!

    I've been hanging around here for a couple of years now and have seen members get help and advice on a large range of topics.
    So now as I'm at my wits end I would like to hear what my purple brethren have to say.

    I've been trying to sell my house in lakeland Florida for the last 8 months.
    I've come down almost $30,000.
    According to other realtors I have one of the best/respected realtors in town trying to sell my home.
    I'm very well priced for a pool home in this area.
    The real problem is that there are so many homes in the same price range in this area that I get very few showings.
    Only one in March.
    Trying to sell and get back to Texas before my situation becomes worse. (financial issues, divorce, disabled...etc) Any thoughts, ideas?
    Anybody else trying to sell a home?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Please Help!

    Say no to property taxes!

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    Re: Please Help!

    Pack up as much of your stuff as you can and store it, make your home as clean and open as possible.
    If it looks bigger, brighter and fresher then the competition it my make it quicker to move.
    I had to move 7 years ago out of a depressed market, homes had dropped about 15-20% over a six year period and the market was slow.
    Packed up all the clutter, replaced all the 40-60 watt bulbs with higher wattage bulbs and updated some of the older fixtures to brighten things up. Make sure the kitchen and bathroom are spotless and shine, if you don't have the money to paint rooms like this clean, clean and polish.
    Sold it in 3 weeks on its 3rd viewing and pretty much got what we were asking, I was lucky and a little shocked.

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    Re: Please Help!


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    Re: Please Help!

    make it open....get rid of lots of pictures of your family and such so prospects can picture their stuff in the house

    fresh paint where necessary....neutral

    make the first entrance sharp.....whatever room that is

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    Re: Please Help!

    make sure you fix any holes, cracks, creaky doors, etc.
    but by the sounds of it, the problem is your not getting any visits, so i would switch realtors.
    How much are you selling for?
    if your willing to drop $30,000 then it must be a pricy house.
    I would think if you switched to a smaller real estate company, they may make more of an effort to sell your house, since that means more money for them.

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