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Thread: new sig's

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    new sig's

    i just made myself a couple new sigs, the AC/DC sig and the bottom one that flashes the teams i support.

    give me some feed back people, /10

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    Re: new sig's

    The AC DC one looks pretty good. It looks somewhat overcontrasted in the background but I think the colors work in this one. I would have lowered the opacity on the AC DC text though. Not a great cut out job on the renders..

    7/10 You are getting a lot better.

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    Re: new sig's

    very good!


    Go vikes!!

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    Re: new sig's

    I've been trying to create a sig for myself but I'm running into a problem. Everytime I try to drag the picture I want onto the render, it shows up super, super small. I size it correctly before pulling it over. Any ideas?

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